Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snitch Movie Review + Blog Tour Stops

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Snitch Movie Review

So I went and saw this Dwayne Johnson film over the weekend. While I love the former Rock in his action films, and I especially like him in his kiddie movie (the guy's hilarious, believe it or not) for some reason, when he picks dramatic films, they tend to have great plots, but poor executions.

Snitch is actually a very interesting story. Johnson's character, John Matthews, is a successful business man with a wife, young daughter, ex-wife, and teenage son by that ex. When his son allows a friend to send a package of illegal drugs to his mom's house, and becomes the target of a sting operation, the mandatory minimum laws work against him. Unless he helps the cops make arrests, he'll serve a minimum of ten years because of the amount of drugs he accepted. The son really is a first time user, and only knows one dealer, who's already in custody. To save his son, who is in a maximum security prison and the target of several horrible inmates, Johnson goes undercover to try and bring down members of a Mexican cartel. He works with the cops and a politician, but of course things get complicated.

Like I said, the story was interesting. The characters were very well-rounded. This show was an argument for not dabbling in drugs, even a little bit. It was a touching story about a father showing loyalty to his son, and doing amazing things to save him, especially because maybe he wasn't such a great father figure in the past.

It wasn't the kind of movie where people sit around and talk. All through the film, there were things happening, but for some reason, it just seemed kind of slow. The trailer has tons of action, cars flipping over, that sort of thing, but almost all of that action came at the very end of the film. Overall, I liked it, but I found myself biting into Altoids to keep from falling asleep. Once the car-on-car action started near the end, I perked right up and stayed awake until the end. I just wish the pacing had been a bit better.

If you're a Dwayne Johnson fan, you'll probably like it. Just know that there's almost no humor or romance, and the pacing is a bit slow. That said, it was a pretty good story with a great ending. 

Has anyone else seen the film? What did you think? What's your favorite Dwayne Johnson film?


  1. I didn't see that one. Think my favorite would have to be Fast Five.

  2. It’s not the best movie you’ll ever see, but at least it does well with what it has. And that’s all that mattered to me. Good review Liesel.

  3. I'm a big Rock fan myself and The Playmaker was excellent Liesel. I'm glad I read this since I got the same feeling from the trailer. Ill wait for DVD.