Advice for Writers

Here are some presentations and posts I've done that are centered advice for writers and writing tips.


9 Plot Points for Plotting a Story Readers Just Can't Put Down - *coming soon*

I apologize that the posts below are in no particular order. They aren't even in the order I wrote them in. Hopefully at some point I'll get around to classifying them so it's easier to find what you're looking for. For now, feel free to scroll through and click on anything that strikes your fancy.

Blog Posts:

How to Use the Element of Surprise Better in Your Writing
3 Tips for Writing Phenomenal Backstory
7 Attributes of a Delectable Anti-Hero
4 Ways to Make Your Action More Gripping
5 Ways to Show Character Growth
Guide to Writing Great Mysteries, Part 3
Guide to Writing Great Mysteries, Part 2
Guide to Writing Great Mysteries, Part 1
3 Reasons Family is a Gateway to Character
Cryptography: Why it Might be the
3 Things You Probably Never Considered About Historical Fiction
3 Fascinating Points to Consider When Discussing Religion in Writing
5 Tips for Writing a Believable (and Creepy) Serial Killer
12 Tips for Handling Cliches in Writing
11 Tips for Formulating a Powerful Premise
13 Points for Making Magic Believable
Using the 12 Steps of Intimacy for Non-Physical Romances
4 Tips for Writing Better Romance
3 Ways to Grow Your Audience on Any Social Network
5 Crucial Steps to an Online Marketing Plan, Part 5
5 Crucial Steps to an Online Marketing Plan, Part 4
5 Crucial Steps to an Online Marketing Plan, Part 3
5 Crucial Steps to an Online Marketing Plan, Part 2
5 Crucial Steps to an Online Marketing Plan, Part 1
4 Reasons Every Writer Should Be on Tumblr
3 Tips for Writing Fantasy Characters
2 Essential Historical Fiction Character Qualities
5 Qualities Characters in the Mystery Genre Should Possess
5 Ways to Become an Expert in Your Field
A to Z Challenge (Editing): Z is for Zen
A to Z Challenge (Editing): Y is for-LY Words
A to Z Challenge (Editing): X is for Xtras
A to Z Challenge (Editing): W is for Word Choice
A to Z Challenge (Editing): V is for Voice
A to Z Challenge (Editing): U is for Unambiguity
A to Z Challenge (Editing): T is for Trite
A to Z Challenge (Editing): S is for Sentence Variation
A to Z Challenge (Editing): R is for Repetition
A to Z Challenge (Editing): Q is for Quotations
A to Z Challenge (Editing): P is for Plot Points
A to Z Challenge (Editing): O is for Objects of Desire
A to Z Challenge (Editing): N is for Nix Filler Words
A to Z Challenge (Editing): M is for Mood and Tone
A to Z Challenge (Editing): L is for Leaning on Crutches
A to Z Challenge (Editing): K is for Kill Your Darlings
A to Z Challenge (Editing): J is for Just Prioritize
A to Z Challenge (Editing): I is for Imagery
A to Z Challenge (Editing): H is for Hero/Villain Arcs
A to Z Challenge (Editing): G is for Genre Rules
A to Z Challenge (Editing): F is for Flow
A to Z Challenge (Editing): E is for Endings
A to Z Challenge (Editing): D is for Description
A to Z Challenge (Editing): C is for Conflict
A to Z Challenge (Editing): B is for Beta Reader
A to Z Challenge (Editing): A is for Action
3 Things You MUST Remember When Establishing a Villain's Arc
3 Tips to Help You Settle into a Writing Schedule
Tips for Writing in Multiple Genres
5 Tips for Writing Middle-Grade Characters
Symbolism: A Writer's Sleight of Hand
7 Tips for Writing a Fight Scene
10 Kinds of Villains and How They Can Deepen Your Story
The Vast Treasure Trove of Story Ideas You're Probably Overlooking
10 Things You Must Consider When Editing a Scene
How to Create a Manuscript So Clean, Editors Have Nothing to Edit
9 Ways to Make Your Villain More Unbalanced (and Creepier)
Examining Myths and Legends to Create Backstory
The Many Causes of Dystopian Worlds
4 Tips for Cutting Word Count on Short Stories
Tips on Foreshadowing, Part 2: Character Relationships
Tips on Foreshadowing, Part 1
How to Measure Success in Writing
6 Elements of Great Dystopia
5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Dystopian Literature
Best Villains of All Time, Part 3
Best Villains of All Time, Part 2
Best Villains of All Time, Part 1

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