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Thoughts for Thursday: Legend of the Werewolves

Thoughts for Thursday is a new feature hosted by Musings on Fantasia and LKHill.  In this meme, we share thoughts or quotes that we know or have recently come across. Each week there is a specific subject or theme. These can be quotes from books, quotes by famous people, (quotes by YOU, perhaps ;D). Anything from anywhere is game, though we do ask that you keep your quote to a few sentences at most. Don't quote, for example, entire passages of a book or essay. These can be funny quips, cool sayings, hair-raising antidotes, movie lines, any kind of quote you can think of!

Just have fun, collect awesome sayings by awesome people, and try to be inspired!

Fall is upon us! The leaves are changing and Halloween is coming at us fast. (No creepiness intended.) In honor of the looming holiday, today's theme is Werewolves. Check out my other blog for quotes about Vampires.

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The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 2 -- Strangers

For some reason, in Utah they're showing The Walking Dead super late, rather than at 7 MST as has been the case in the past. Because I work early morning on Mondays, I can't stay up and watch it. I probably will watch it on Tuesdays most days, which means these recaps won't go up until Wednesday. Just letting everyone know. 

Episode 2: Strangers

We start out with Rick and the group in the woods. On the preview, there was a whole lot of slow motion walking. This was the episode it came from. Tons of slow-mo walkage here. 


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Top Ten Tuesday: New Series I Want to Start

Before we get to TTT, I need to post answers for my quiz yesterday. I did "Famous Faces Before They Were Famous" and no one got all of them. (Click here to see the post.) Thanks to everyone who participated! The answers are as follows:
a. Patrick Stewart b. Dr. Seuss c. John Wayne d. Condoleeza Rice e. Sean Connery f. Oprah Winfrey 

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list  that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

Top 10 New Series I Want to Start

Famous Faces Before They Were Famous

Check out these famous faces before they were famous! See if you can guess who these people are or who they became!

A. Who is the little boy in this picture? Hint: Look at the eyes and think, "Engage!"

B. Who will this young student become? Hint: Oh, the places he'll go!

C. Who's this pretty young guy? Hint: What do searchers, shootists, cowboys, roosters, and green berets all have in common?

D. Who does this adorable cutie grow up to be? Hint: White House.

E. What Scottish icon will this little charmer become? Hint: 00 and 7.

F. What uber-successful American icon will this little princess with the dazzling smile become?

Leave your guesses in the comments. I'll put up answers tomorrow. The first person to get all six right will get a prize. You can choose between a book for some swag. Good luck!

What are your guesses?

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The Gathering Storm Read-Along, Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of our The Gathering Storm Read-Along! This week we read Chapters 14-21. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Susan over at Dab of Darkness is hosting this week. Hop over to see her answers too! :D

Awesome fan art, no? And no, it isn't
mine, but if I ever tried to do fan art, it
would probably look a lot like this. :D
1) When get a little more quality time with Semirhage. Cadsuane seems to have come up with a way to get under her skin. Do you think it will be enough to get answers from Semirhage? Cadsuane believes it is important to keep Semirhage alive in order to learn useful weaves from her. Do you agree with this logic? Or are you all for killing her?

Lots of really satisfying stuff in this section. Obviously the spanking was enough to put a dent in Semirhage's stoic Forsaken armor, but whether it will actually get her to show them weaves, only time will tell. Moghedien did it, but she was under the compulsion of the a'dam. I can't remember what, if any, new weaves they get from her, but at least Cadsuane is make some headway. Finally. It's nice to see one of the Forsaken get a taste of her own medicine. 

This kill 'em or learn from 'em debate is one I have trouble with. The Forsaken are like wild animals. Caging them can have it's uses, but the second they get the upper hand, everyone's toast. The one thing that I would add in this case is that the Forsaken don't seem to be staying dead unless they're balefired. So, unless they're willing to balefire Semirhage, why even bother?

A pic of Rand skimming to Shadar Logoth, where he first
saw Moridin, though he didn't know who he was then. The
two of them crossed streams of balefire, which is
presumably when their strange connection began. Source
2) Moridin and Rand have a heart to heart. Rand seems to understand the two of them are connected somehow. Do you think he will make use of this information? Upon waking from this chat, Rand confesses to Min about Lews Therin. Will Min tell others as she told others about Rand's time in the box? And would that be a good or bad thing?

I loved this chapter! Jordan/Sanderson at their best. Just the right mix of mysticism and prophecy and tragedy, but also angst and rivalry. It was super-interesting when Rand learned that Moridin hadn't brought him there. This is the same place he and Mat and Perrin were brought by Ba'alzamon in the early books. At that time, he brought them into the dream to terrorize them. Now, Rand went there on his own, even if he didn't do it consciously. And Moridin was the one caught by surprise. It shows how far Rand has come. Moridin obviously regards him as an equal, but Rand is actually more powerful than Moridin is. 

I also think this served as things coming full circle from the Dragonmount prologue in book 1. In this chapter, they weren't 'Rand' and 'Moridin'. They were 'Lews Therin' and 'Elan.' In the Prologue, Elan/Ishmael/Moridin had the upper hand. He had to heal Lews Therin just so he could flaunt his own victory. Now, Rand is more powerful. After Dragonmount was formed, Elan said, "It is not done between will not be done until the end of time." Now, they're actually heading into the Last Battle. We're seeing the tables turned and prophecies coming to a head.

"Is that what made you turn to his side?" Rand asked. "You were always so full of thoughts, Elan. Your logic destroyed you, didn't it?""There is no path to victory," Moridin said. "The only path is to follow the Great Lord and rule for a time before all things end. The others are fools. They look for grand rewards in the eternities, but there will be no eternities. Only the now, the last days."

Just such great stuff. Evil has no hope. But Rand and all our super-heroes do.

I don't remember if Min tells anyone, but I don't think it will matter one way or the other. There are plenty of people who already think Rand is mad and still people follow him. 

3) Egwene matches wits with three White Sisters (Ferane, Miyasi, & Tesan). And then she is forced to match wits wits with Elaida in front of the Sitters. Will there be harsh punishment for Egwene, beyond the beating Elaida gave her? How will the Sitters react to this? Or will we still have to wait for the Seanchan to invade before the Aes Sedai get their act together?

Best. Chapter. Ever. Best line: "Coward...I dare the truth, Elaida," Egwene said quietly. "You are a coward and a tyrant. I'd name you Darkfriend as well, but I suspect that the Dark One would perhaps be embarrassed to associate with you."

Oh snap!

 Elaida will probably try to punish Egwene harshly, but I think Egwene might have won her war in this scene. Too many of the Sitters were yelling at Elaida to calm the hell down to go back to the way things were. Of course, we know how bull-headed Aes Sedai can be, so it might take the Seanchan invasion to cement all their loyalty behind Egwene. 

4) The rebel Aes Sedai have word that the White Tower now has the art of Traveling. Do you believe Elaida is aware of this weave? Or is it just a handful of Red Aes Sedai testing it out? And what do you make of Lelaine's latest actions? What can Siuan do from this point on in holding the Aes Sedai together?

You'd think I remember more of the details of these last three books because they are the most recent ones, but I honestly can't remember if they have Travelling. I think not, though. We haven't heard any talk of it on Egwene's end from the Tower sisters, and that would be a huge deal. Besides after Halima's failure with the rebels, other Forsaken might be trying to undermine their effort, and making them feel hopeless in this way would be a great way to do it. 

Tuon (Source)
5) Tuon holds court in Ebou Dar. Did you find her offer to Beslan fair? Now that she has seen the heads of trollocs, creatures she believed to be of myth, do you think she will be more open to listening to Randlanders?

I thought she handled the situation well. And the fact that Beslan was so quick to accept shows that it was probably the best thing. Beslan seems like a sweet guy, but I don't know that he's up to full-scale revolution. As we've seen, the Seanchan are often fair to their subjects as long as they don't revolt. I can see them ruling Altara very well. After all, they can't be any worse than the Whitecloaks in Amadacia. And if Tuon has Mat by her side, it will probably be far better. 

I think she'll listen better now about trollocs. "So Matrim was not mistaken about this..." (pg. 308). It's nice to see that, when confronted with proof, Tuon isn't one of those idiots who stubbornly refuses to change her beliefs. She's showing sings of being a wise and noble ruler. Hopefully this proof will get her on board with following Rand at the Last Battle more quickly and completely.

Oh, and I totally loved this: "But she could thank her long conversations with Mistress Anan for allowing her to understand them." It seems Setalle Anan had more of an impact on the world than anyone realized. By always talking with Tuon, she was trying to make Tuon understand the people she was trying to conquer in a compassionate way. And it seems she's succeeded. It will make Tuon a better ruler, and perhaps bring peace. Go Mistress Anan!

Thought this was funny. Source
6) Mat opens by comparing women to goats. Did you find his behavior to be 'husbandly'? Was his own ta'veren-ness working against him in keeping the Aes Sedai with him or was it his own goat-like behavior?

Okay, as much of a sexist pig as Mat can be sometimes, I was laughing at this. I thought it was hysterical. Chauvinistic, perpetuating a stereotype? Yes. But still funny. Mat genuinely feels that he's picked on, and I just have to chuckle and shake my head.

I did think his worry about Tuon was husbandly, but it was Mat's own special kind of husbandly. I think his friendship with Talmanes is good for him. At least Talmanes says it like it is and can keep Mat from getting too puffed up. For the most part. 

As for the Aes Sedai, it was probably a little of both. Part ta'veren, part his own stubbornness, and I also think he may be starting to genuinely care for these women. If though they're a pain in the neck, they've all been traveling together for a long time. And Mat, under all his sexist crap, is a decent guy. He probably can't help it. :D

7) Perrin returns to the dream-wolf world, promptly insults the wolves, and is tossed out. Will he be able to conquer his own fears? And if he does, what will he do with the wolves then? Faile has yet more secrets from Perrin. Do you find this good or bad? 

Oh I'm so excited for this. I wish Perrin would have figured out he needed to do this much earlier. He did get kicked out of the dream, but he's finally getting to the point where he realizes has to put aside his fears and learn to really use the wolf dream to his advantage. He asks Hopper to teach him, and Hopper will. The last time he faced down Slayer, back in the Two Rivers, the main reason he couldn't win was that Slayer was way more familiar with the World of Dreams than Perrin. If he can learn, he can become a total badass in his own right. (Even more than he already is, anyway.) So excited for this part!


Poor Aviendha is still having a rough time. I liked that she stood up to that other maiden, though. That was pretty cool. I was reading something in Encyclopedia WOT and it said we'd find out what she's being punished for in chapter 22. That's next section. (Yea!)

Laras Source
Min seems to have figured out Herid Fel's message. I love that she had to read until her eyes fell out to get it. But she did. And it's important. Rand will have to clear away the old patch--the one that failed--before he can re-seal the Bore. Min having her nose in a book may have saved the entire world. Just sayin'. :D

I love that Laras tries to sneak Egwene out. I knew I always liked that many-chinned cook! :D

Other lines I loved:

"There was a time for logic, true, but there was also a time for emotion." (pg. 252)

"The past was a field of embers and ash...the remnants of the fire that was the present." (pg. 337)

"Do you not know that many dreams are more truthful than the waking world?" (pg. 236)

So much great stuff in this section!

What other bloggers thought:   Dab of Darkness     Coffee, Cookies, and Chili Peppers

What did everyone else think of this section?

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Follow Friday: Song Obsessions

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Share the song you can't stop listening to - Suggested by Journey Through Fiction

This really comes and goes from week to week for me. But lately, I've been kind of obsessed with Between by Courier. I first heard it a couple of years ago on Vampire Diaries, and ever since I haven't been without it on whatever music device I'm using. It's a very melancholy song, but very beautiful. Below is a lyric video. 

I also used it to make a Walking Dead fan video. It's a sappy one for the couple I ship on the show, who happened to end on a seriously tragic cliffhanger last season. So, yeah. Enjoy! :D

What song can you not stop listening to? 

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Walking Dead Premier, Party, and Recap

So I was completely offline for most of last week. It was unplanned and unexpected. Just craziness having to do with work, family and fall, you know. :D For this week, I didn't get any posts done in advance, so I still won't have as many posts as usual, but I'll be online more, commenting and such. 

Okay, down to business. Last night, I had a huge Walking Dead party. It was SO fun! A bunch of people from work who watch it came over, as well as my family, of course. I made dirt (pudding with oreos) with tomb stones and edible bones in it, as well as brain cake. My mom did a pumpkin rice crispy treat thing and a skeleton brownie. 

We even played a game. It was kind of like a drinking game, except that, being LDS, we don't drink, so instead we did a chocolate-eating game. We had a list of character quirks and every time we saw one of them in the show, we had to eat a piece of candy. Yeah, everyone was sick by the end of the night.

Everyone was up super late (I was a zombie--pun totally intended--at work today) but it was worth it. Especially because the Season 5 Premier of The Walking Dead was AWESOME!!!

I've done Game of Thrones recaps the past couple of years, and I've decided I'll do TWD recaps as well this season. You know, just so I can gush about the episodes more. :D

So, check out the food pics from the party below. If you've watched the premier, you can read the recap below. It's chalk full of spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Brain cake (Red velvet with marshmellow frosting and raspberry sauce over the top).

Brain cake cut open.

My brother pretending to eat the brain cake.

Oreo and pudding grave yard. I put characters' names as well as those of the family members in attendance on the headstones. :D

I had a "Rest in Peace, Hershel" as well as a "Rot in Hell, Govenor" headstone among the lot.

Pumpkin-shaped rice crispy treat with yellow M&Ms to fill eyes, nose, and mouth.

Skeleton-shaped brownie.

The Walking Dead Recap: Episode 5.1 : No Sanctuary

The first thing we see is a "Then" flashback of the citizens of Terminus, trapped in one of their own traincars and listening to screams going on outside. They say thy were wrong to have put up the signs and they brought "them" there. Then it shifts to "Now."

As promised, the episode picks up right where the finale of season 4 left off, with no time-jump. We see the group trapped in the train car using everything they have to try and get out. Daryl says some of the Termites are coming, and they all prepare to attack when the door opens. It doesn't go down that way, though. Instead, the top of the train car opens and smoke bomb falls in.

Soon, Rick, Daryl, Glenn, and Bob are all dragged, bound and gagged, into a room where a body is being diced up (it's Alex, who was killed in the finale), and leaned over a trough so clean they can see their reflections in it. Four others they don't know are also brought. (Scratch that. One of the newbies is the dude Rick and Carol encountered in a house last season. Carol fixed his dislocated shoulder. Then his girlfriend was killed and he disappeared. He and Rick share a hey, I remember you! look.) Then the throat-slashing begins. Starting at the opposite side from our heroes, each man is smashed in the head with a baseball bat and then has his throat slashed. This was seriously gnarly. Even for The Walking Dead it was a lot of gore. Very difficult to watch.

Just before Glenn's turn arrives, gunfire is heard from outside, and then something that looks like a bomb shakes the entire room. Cue the Intro, and the collective, annoyed groan from the viewers.

Next we see Tyrese and Carol on the road. When a walker shows up, Ty doesn't have the heart to kill it, so Carol does, telling him he has to find the strength to be able to kill them. The two of them have to hide with baby Judith when an entire herd of walkers staggers by them, headed for Terminus. 

Next we see a small cabin (the one everyone freaked out about during filming perhaps?). A guy, obviously one of the Termites, is on a walkie talkie with another Termite, and he's saying that Alex was a dumb idiot who never "got it" and that he knew the chick with the sword was bad news when he saw her. He also says he wants "the kid's" hat when they finish bleeding them out. That's all he gets out before finding Carol's gun brushing the back of his head. Carol and Ty take him captive. "We're friends with the chick with the sword and the kid with the hat," she tells him. Nice. Ty will stay with him and Judith while Carol heads for Terminus to try and free their friends who are obviously captives there.

Carol covers herself in walker gore so she can simply join the herd and sneak in. When she reaches the fence, she sees Rick, Glenn, and the others being dragged inside, bound and gagged. As it turns out, the stuff happening with Carol is happening concurrently with what we saw at the beginning. Through the scope of her gun, she spies a propane tank. She starts firing at it (the gunshots Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob heard while waiting to be smashed and slashed). Once she puts a hole in the take, she fires a rocket at it and the tank explodes (the bomb/explosion that saved our guys' lives). Carol = Badass!

Gareth runs outside to figure out what's going on. Meanwhile, Rick has managed to smuggle a wooden shard into the room and saws away at the zip tie binding him. Once he's free, he kills the two guards and frees the others. They scavenge for weapons, moving around some really nasty-looking torsos hanging from the rafters. Rick admonishes them to kill any Termite they come upon.

Before they go outside, they see another train car that has people inside. Glenn suggests they release the captives. "That's still who we are," he says. They run out, killing walkers, and open the train car. A crazy dude with tattoos, reminiscent of the Duck Dynasty guys, comes out, shouting about them all being the same. He's promptly killed by a walker. The guys sneak around, waiting for part of the herd to pass, followed by Termites. Rick sneaks up behind them and kills them all with one of their own guns. This is a great contrast to season 1, when Rick put a gun to Daryl's head declaring, "We don't kill the living." Obviously, his beliefs have changed a bit. Oh, and Rick = Badass!

Meanwhile, Carol is making her way through Terminus. She finds a room full of possessions that have obviously been taken from those the Termites have taken captive. She finds Daryl's bow and slings it over her shoulder. Eventually, she makes her way into the seance room, where she's confronted by Mary. The barbecue-r. Mary reveals that once Terminus was what it claims to be--a place offering sanctuary--but then bad people came and attacked, taking over. They raped and killed until the people of Terminus took their home back. Now they live by the mantre: You're either the butcher, or the cattle.

Carol and Mary then engage in a 50-year-old-woman catfight. Carol, of course, gets the upper hand and shoots Mary in the leg. Mary tells her to shoot her in the head next, but Carol refuses, instead letting in a group of walkers, who trudge right past her (she's still covered in gore) and chow down on Mary.

Poor Judith! Source
Back in the cabin in the woods, Ty's prisoner lunges for Judith and threatens to snap her neck. He tells Ty to put down his weapons and go outside, which Ty does. (That would never happen.) The guy listens to Ty struggle with the walkers outside, and smiles when things go quiet, thinking Ty is dead. That is until Ty bursts in and tackles him. Outside, it turns out that Ty has not only killed all the walkers, but staked one of them through the neck. Yeah, Ty= Badass.

Ew! Source
Meanwhile, Rick and the others run for the fence that encloses Terminus. There is plenty of gore here as well, including a walker biting off someone's face, and Daryl killing walkers with a length of pipe. (Stating the obvious, I know, but Daryl = Badass.) Eventually they make it to the fence, shooting Gareth along the way, and go over. 

Terminus, the entire compound, is burning. (Yea, they really were screwing with the wrong people.)

In the woods, they dig up the bag they buried outside that has their weapons in it. Rick wants to go back and finish off the Termites, but everyone else is just happy to be out and doesn't want to go back. 

Then Carol walks up behind them in the woods. When Daryl sees her, he runs at her and hugs her. This was probably one of the sweetest moments of the entire series! They did such a good job with reunions in this episode. Understand that I am NOT a Daryl/Carol shipper. I'm all about Daryl and Beth (see my fan videos for proof) but I loved this part! Nothing about this hug was romantic. They're just besties and were genuinely happy to see one another. Such a sweet moment! (Gif Source)

And then Rick and Carol have to hug, too. Rick kicked Carol out last season, but given that she single-handedly saved everyone's bacon, I think she's earned some forgiveness. This hug was sweet, too. Then she tells Rick to come with her.

The group arrives at the little cabin in the woods just as Tyrese is exiting it with Judith in his arms. Rick runs to his baby girl and hugs her, with Carl, and cries. All the characters are crying. All the viewers are crying. Such a great moment! So beautiful. 


In the end, we see one more flashback of the Termites. (Meh) Although, the crazy tattoo guy from the train car is seen as one of those murderer/rapists who attacked Terminus. Don't know why he was left alive, but...

Then Rick and the group head off into the woods. Abraham and Rosita talk, and Abraham says he'll talk to them about it, but not yet. We don't learn what "it" is. Rick paints over one of the "Sanctuary for All" signs, changing it to "No Sanctuary." The group leaves the tracks and heads into the woods. 

After the previews for next week, we get another clip. A man in a mask comes and looks at the "No Sanctuary" sign, compliments of Rick. He takes off his mask...and he's Morgan! From seasons 1 and 3! Dah! He follows the group into the woods, after examining a weird symbol on a tree which was NOT put there by Rick's group. (Weird!)



  • Will we see more of Terminus's background, or was this episode all we'll get of them?
  • Did Gareth and Mary really die? (I'm thinking Mary did, but while we saw Gareth get shot and go down, nothing suggests that he actually died. Personally, I think we'll see more of him.
  • What's up with Morgan?
  • What does Abraham want to talk to the group about?
  • Where the heck is Beth? The writers said ALL our questions about where everyone is would be answered in episode 1. That seems to include Beth, but she was nowhere in this episode. Not a clue. Not a single frame! (Grhhh! Liars!)

What did everyone else think of the season 5 premier of The Walking Dead? What did you think of our party food?