Friday, August 11, 2017

Pre-Orders and Book Sales! Woot, woot! 🎉🎉🎉

Good morning! Today is a very important day. No, I'm not referring to National Raspberry Tart Day. (Although that's important too. I don't think I have a tart pan, but I'm totally making a raspberry pie for after dinner tonight. Yum! ;D)
What I meant was…

***Damaged Hope is now available for pre-order on Amazon!***

I'd encourage you to pre-order now, as it's currently priced at $0.99. It will stay at that price for three weeks. Then the price will increase. So pre-order now! Click HERE to pre-order.

Woot, woot! Raspberry tarts and Damaged Hope! We should all eat desert. (Hey, I jogged today. For like five minutes.)

***Quantum Entanglement Book Sale!***

Quantum Entanglement (Interchron #2) is part of a 99 cent promo this month. Which means it's priced at *drum roll, please!* $0.99 this month. Woot, woot!
You can get Persistence of Vision, Book 1 by joining my Story Squad. Go HERE. It's also free on most platforms.

So hop on over and pick up a copy of book 2. This is the cheapest price you'll see for it.

Have a great weekend! And hop over to the Giveaway tab for some great free books. Cheers!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cover Reveal: Damaged Hope!

Good morning, Lovely Readers! How is everyone's week going?

Couple of orders of business today. It's been an insane few weeks, but I am slowly and surely getting work done. I have a sneaking hunch Fall might prove even busier. Let's hope not. 😉

1. I can now reveal the cover of book 3 of Street Games!

Two weeks ago, my Story Squad members voted for the title, Damaged Hope. Well, the wonderful Kealan Patrick Burke (my cover designer for this series; see has put together a beautiful cover for me.

Here it is!

Isn't it lovely!?! I love how he incorporated the red lighting of the Mire.

Fun fact: I decided to incorporate a lightning storm into the end of the book. I hadn't planned the weather element originally, but I saw this and knew I had to do it. If anything, it will just make the ending that much more dramatic. (Hooray for drama on the page! 😂)

2. It is looking like the release of book 3 will be pushed back to September. (Didn't I tell you that would happen?) The editing is taking longer than anticipated, so it probably won't be out until the end of 9/17. I'll keep you updated of course, and let you know when I have a firm date. It's getting close, though. Truly. Be patient with me. It's coming!

Well, have a great week! And happy reading!