I'm always trying to build my email list. In order to do that, I often cross-promote with other authors to give away free books in exchange for email addresses. This helps authors build their audience and exposes readers to our work for free! Of course the readers can unsubscribe any time if they decide our style of writing isn't for them.

So I am almost always part of some giveaway or another. Most of them only go for a week or a month, and I will update this tab regularly. Feel free to join any giveaway below, with the understanding that in exchange for the free download, you'll have to provide your email address. But again, you can unsubscribe at any time. This is a great way to find new authors and get some free reads in the process. Go nuts!

The End is Night: Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Giveaway
Hosted by Craig McDonough
August 4th - 18th
Click HERE for your FREE Books!

The Prolific Reader
Hosted by Melanie Tomlin

Click HERE to browse free books!

Historical Romance Reads
Hosted by Cecelia Mecca

Click HERE for your free books!

Happy Reading! I hope you all find some new authors to adore! ;D

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