The Walking Dead!!!

Hi. I'm Liesel. I'm a Walking Dead Junkie.

Yup, those who have followed me for a while know I'm a TWD (The Walking Dead) addict. Have been for several years, now.

It's a good thing the show only runs roughly four months out of the year, because I get decidedly less writing done when it's on. ;D

I actually have been doing theories about it for about two years. I'm in a very small, niche part of the fandom that believes a certain dead character (Beth Greene) will be returning in Season 8 (premiering in October.) 

We affectionately call ourselves Team Delusional.

Whether we're correct or not, those of us who do it love hashing out theories and geeking out about characters and story lines. I specialize in pointing out parallels they put in, which can help us see where things might be going, as well as interpreting symbolism.

So if you're a TWD junkie like me and feel so inclined, you can visit and/or connect with me on my TWD accounts.

My account name is always @TWDMusicBoxMystery and I'm on the following platforms:


My Tumblr blog is also syndicated on THIS WEBSITE, (going live soon) which also has other TDers (again, Team Delusional believers) on it. And they're all amazing! Come join us for some serious zombie Geekery!

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