Current Contest: Desolate Mantle

What's in the Box?

I generally only do one contest at a time that had to do specifically with my books. (For giveaways, especially free book giveaways, go to my Giveaways tab.)

Desolate Mantle, book 2 of Street Games ends with a box being opened. This contest is merely to see if anyone can guess what 3 ITEMS are in that box.
They ARE relevant to Gabe's story, and I've left some hints in the narrative as to what they might be. But there's also no formula that will help you figure them out.
This is really a glorified guessing game.

And did I mention? To the lucky guesser, there will be a cash prize. The pot starts at $100, which can be paid out via Paypal or Amazon gift card. For every copy I sell, however, the pot will increase a bit. 

So the more people who read the book to try their luck, the more the jackpot increases. If you'd like to in help increase the jackpot, feel free to tweet or pin one of the messages below. 
Send all guesses to
Check back each week to see how much the jackpot has grown. Contest will close August 28, 2017 (when book 3 of Street Games will become available) or when one lucky guesser hits the correct answer.
Find books 1 and 2 available at the links below, or at most major retailers. And book 1 is permafree!

The thermometer shows what the prize money is currently at. Come back each week to see if it's increased! 

Good luck to all!

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