Friday, June 30, 2017

Desolate Mantle Contest: $100 Cash Prize + Free Dragon Reads for You!

Good Morning, Lovely Readers, and Happy Friday!

Couple of orders of business today. Contests with cash prizes, free books, dragons and more!

I've been working hard on building my VIP Story Squad and along with that, have updated some of my blog tabs, including Giveaways, which will feature current giveaways I'm involved in. Always lots of cool prizes, swag, free books and new authors to be discovered. If you feel so inclined, check out that tab, along with a few other new ones I've added.

My blog pages are a work in progress. I'm still working on getting links for all my books in place, but hopefully will be all updated in another week or two. Be patient with me. With the holiday coming, this next week will be crazy for me. 😉

Here's my exciting news for today: Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I'm promoting it more actively now that I have a release date for book 3. 

Awesome Book Contest Right Here!

Good Morning, Lovely Readers, and Happy Friday!

🎉🎉🎉 Here's my exciting news for today. The contest I’m currently running has to do with Street Games, my crime fiction series. Specifically book 2. 🎊🎊🎊

Don't worry, I won't give spoilers. But at the end of book 2, Desolate Mantle, let's just say there is a box with three items in it. The contest is to guess what those three items are.

The prize money is currently set at $100. I will be watching my sales and for each copy of Desolate Mantle sold, I will add a small portion of the sale to the pot. I'll update you weekly from here on out on what the price has raised to. You can also watch the thermometer widget on my blog rise on my Contest Page.

Book 3 of Street Games (title forthcoming) will be available August 28, 2017. That gives everyone roughly 60 days to read book 1 (Dark Remnants, which is permafree on most platforms and you should have received for joining my Story Squad) and book 2, and then entering the contest. Feel free to spread the word. The more people who purchase the book, the higher the prize money will go! The sky's the limit. 🌞🌠🔥

You can reply to this email with guesses or there's also an email I've placed at the end of the book where you can send guesses. I'll also let you know periodically how the guessing is going. If I say no one has guessed correctly, and you've submitted a guess, you can always try again. No limit on entries.

So that's it! Go for it and happy guessing. Feel free to reply with any questions.

Get Dark Remnants for FREE HERE or HERE.
Get Desolate Mantle (Book 2) at the following links or most major retailers:


So I recently finished and uploaded a short story called The Hatching. It falls into the epic fantasy genre. In fact, it's the story of a boy and a dragon.

Again, it's a short story, not a novel. But it's a prequel to my Dragon Magic series. I'm hoping to have book 1 of that series out before the end of the year. (Aiming for October but it's not set in stone.)

I'm giving this story away for free to build my high fantasy readership, so I'm sending it to all of my wonder story squad here. Below is the link to download it. It's short and fun.

Click HERE for your free copy.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! What did you think of the story? What would you like to see in the coming series?

Life Updates
The next five days will be SUPER busy for me. My sister's wedding is on Saturday, 7/1. There's a baby blessing the day after that, which always ends up being a huge family event. (Baby Hudson below. Isn't he just a little charmer?)

Monday should be relatively calm but, you know, a Monday. And then there's our fabulous country's birthday on July 4th, for which I'll more than likely be barbecuing for 30+ people and hosting a fireworks show on the street outside our house. Good times.

I'll update you with the exciting stuff (let's hope nothing disastrous) next week.

Everyone in the States have a wonderful, safe 4th and let's remember how blessed we are to live in this wonderful country.

Have a great holiday Everyone! 

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