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Quantum Entanglement Book Review + Blog Tour Stop

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Quantum Enigma Book Review
So I don't usually do reviews on Mondays, but last week I was literally reading seven books at once. Deep breaths, Everyone. It's really okay! I didn't finish them all, but I finished four of the seven, which leaves me three (plus one new one) to finish this week. Because of that, I'll have quite a few books to review over the next week or two.

Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum, unlike most that I review, is not a fiction book. It's a non-fiction book that deals with physics principles. Now, before everyone roles their eyes and click away from my page (Hey! That means you! Get back here!) please hear me out. 

Back when I was still taking science classes in college and totally hated my life, the thing I did like about the classes was contemplating where the physical aspects of science met the non-physical. The non-physical often meant religious for me, but there is also the consciousness. In fact, that's how I became interested in the brain. There's so much we don't know about the physical brain. We're learning new things every day as our technology sprints toward the Star-Trekkian age, but neurosurgeons will tell you that most things that work in brain surgery are done because they've been proven to work, but no one knows exactly why they work. We simply don't have the technology to measure the workings of the brain on a small enough level.

Quantum Enigma was written by what might have twenty years ago been considered "fringe" physicists who are interested in where the conscious mind meets the physical reality. The quantum enigma is getting much more attention today as new things are discovered. If you ever learn about quantum mechanics (not something I'd advise in the classroom as you'd suddenly find yourself drowning in mathematical equations) you learn that, as your headache grows and your understanding flounders, you also run into a fundamental enigma in the universe.

Quantum physics is based on several basic principles, including but not limited to the facts that 1) energy can exist as both waves and particles (opposite and contradictory properties) 2) that observation by intelligent beings (i.e. humans) can create the concrete properties of energy (dah!), and 3) that the physics of the unseen world are completely different than those of the seen world.

Basically, Rosenblum and his co-author take very complex concepts that something like a percentage of one percent of the population understand, and explains them in (sort of) layman's terms. This is exactly the kind of thing that fascinates  me so I was happy to find a book that explained it in everyday English. That said, it was still difficult to get through. I had to stop every couple of paragraphs and re-explain what I'd just read to myself to make sure I got it. I could only read a chapter a day (at most) and then had to give my brain a rest.

Overall, I really liked the book. I wanted to finish it before I moved forward with my Interchron series, which is loosely based on physics concepts of this nature. I knew it would help me piece my story together in a more concrete way.

So, if you're into physics, creepy and abstract science, or just sci-fi in general (or if you want to have some background for where I'm going with my series--hey, it could happen!) this is the book for you! :D Just know that you're in for brain-bender. Happy Monday!

What do you think? Are you into physics?

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