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Towers of Midnight Read-Along, Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of our Towers of Midnight Read-Along! This week we read the Chapters 41-48. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. I'm hosting this week. :D

1. Galad names a punishment for Perrin. What did you think of it? Also Perrin becomes, in essence, Galad's commander (and therefore commander of the Children of the Light!) for the Last Battle. Thoughts? Predictions?

I was a fan of Galad's "punishment" because he finally seemed to realize that giving Perrin a strict punishment would be ridiculous. Thought Galad's always been a bit frustrating, we can see real hope for him as his clarity of the situation improves.

I totally love that Perrin essentially has command of the Whitecloaks for the Last Battle. There's not a better person for the job. This kind of ensures that what battle skills the Whitecloaks have will be put to good use, and they won't run amok causing more problems during the Last Battle. Good job, Perrin! :D

2. Gawyn and Egwene finally reconcile and talk of marriage. Gawyn takes three ring ter'angreal from dead sisters. What do you think he plans to do with them?

Yeah it was high time these two got over themselves and reconciles. Finally! I won't say anything about the rings and spoil. I do like, though, that Gawyn really thinks for himself. While he (obviously) doesn't always have the best judgement, he also hasn't settled into the warder mindset of just doing everything the Aes Sedai say either. He thinks about things, even schemes a bit (probably a result of being raised in Andor with Elayne) and takes the initiative to do things on his own. I really like this sense of independence he has.

al'Lan Mandragoran (Source)
3. Comment on the fact that Lan finally, officially raises the banner of the golden crane.

Well, it's about time. Lan, though very stubborn in his own way and it's really not a bad thing, is much less stubborn than many of our other characters. He held out his beliefs about riding alone for a while, but when it became overwhelmingly obvious that this was a fantasy, he simply lets it go and moves forward. Good for him. There are plenty of characters (Perrin comes to mind) that would have dug their heels in and insisted the opposite of what was starring them in the face was true. I'm glad Lan is no longer in denial about the situation. Now that he's accepted it, he's ready to fulfill his role in Tarmon Gai'don.

Morgase and Tallanvor (Source)
4. Morgase and Tallanvor marry and Morgase finally returns to Caemlyn with Galad to see Elayne. Just talk about whatever stood out to you.

The marriage made me smile, especially the way Perrin bumbled through it, and how irritated Faile was at his bumbling. I'm glad Morgase and Tallanvor married, though. There should always be marriages at the end of a romance arc, don't you think? I'm also glad Morgase went to help Elayne, though I could have done with a little more emotion at the reunion, but that's me. I thought the entire thing was well-handled. And I loved that Morgase and Galad arrived wearing black hoods to avoid being seen until they saw Elayne. It's just so gothic-soap-opera. :D

What you think? (Source)
5. The future of the Two Rivers is discussed and Perrin is given titles. What do you think? Fitting? No so much? Do you think these arrangements will hold in the long term? What of the political "pact" that seems to be forming?

I actually thought this was fascinating. Of course everyone wants to see Perrin as king or something, because he'd be amazing at the job, but I don't think he wants that. I thought it was fitting (more or less) and seemed to work to everyone's advantage. As to whether it will hold for the future, that's going to depend a lot on the outcome of Tarmon Gai'don. Rand won't need a "seat" in Andor if he doesn't survive. And of course if the DO wins, this will all be moot anyway. I do really like the idea of the pact between Andor, Mayene, Ghealdon, and the Two Rivers offsetting the Tear/Illian pact. And I think Faile is right that everyone should be gathering as many allies as possible. Not only do they have the Last Battle looming, but there's something to be said for planning beyond it.

Couldn't find anything that was specifically
Androl, but here are some asha'men. :D (Source)
6. Androl! I don't know if we've seen him yet (can't remember) but he'll play a fairly big role until the end. What do you make of him--good, evil, somewhere in between? And what do you think Taim is up to?

I totally LOVE Androl! His story is one of my favorite parts of book fourteen. Can't wait to get into it more. Obviously I don't think he's evil, or I wouldn't love him so much. He's just so entertaining and makes me smile. I know what Taim is up to, so I won't spoil, but it's a doozy and I think we're all hoping to see Taim brought low and Logain raised a few levels. Ah the climax of an epic high-fantasy series! 

Now if we could only get all THREE of our ta'veren together!
7. What did you think of Mat and Perrin's little reunion and story swapping? How about the fact that Tuon (Fortunata) still seems intent on destroying the White Tower?

Finally! How many times have I said that the characters need to get together and tell their stories? We finally got a little bit of that with Thom, Mat, and Perrin spending some time together and swapping tales. Thank goodness!

Yeah, Tuon is totally pulling an Egwene/Gawyn. She's not getting over herself fast enough. She's still intent on destroying the White Tower rather than focusing on what's really important. Well, who could Mat marry except a stubborn woman, right? And there has to be something for them to fight about. Might as well be this.

I loved when she talked about being prepared
physically as a maiden, but mentally and
emotionally as a Wise One. She's SO ready
for whatever comes next! (Source)
8. Aviendha feels a resonance with the glass columns and steps through a second time (big no-no, apparently). This time, she's sure she's seeing the future, rather than the past. What do you make of what she saw?

I suppose I didn't word this question very well. It's not really a resonance Aviendha feels, as much as a sensation that leads to the vision. We know she has a twisted dream ter'angreal with her, and recall that there was a disturbing resonance back in book three when one of our super-girls (Egwene, I think?) was tested to become Accepted. She also had a dream ter'angreal with her in the room, though it was hidden in her belt pouch. Many have wondered if the dream ter'angreal somehow interact with other objects of the One Power, even communicating with them somehow, and perhaps these visions are something to do with that. That's what I was trying to get at, but looking at the question, it didn't come across clearly. Sorry if that confused anyone.

As for what she saw, it was extremely tragic. We've seen Aviendha learning a lot about wetlander ways, pondering about the future of the Aiel, the changing of their traditions, and what is in their best interest. Now she sees these tragic visions of the future. Seems to me she will probably be instrumental in helping the Aiel transition to a new way of life once the Last Battle is over. You kind of have to wonder if she will single-handedly preserve her people from this terrible fate.

Avendesora (Source)

I also thought it was interesting that Avendesora had totally regrown from when it was burned, even though most vegetation in the world is dying. Probably symbolic of the fact that some branches of the world will flourish, even while most die, referring to the Aiel and the Last Battle, perhaps? I don't know, but it's an interesting image.

I don't really have any extras today, but just for kicks:

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  1. Ack! I had written out a nice response and then clicked on the last WoT image for a closer look and lost my comment.....sigh.

    OK - yep, Gawyn's sense of independence has taken him forward and kept him alive, except in love (in which he seems to slide backwards most of the time - good thing Egwene caught him!).

    Yay for Lan not holding on to his foolish notions!

    The image of the Avendesora was pretty powerful. I think the various 'rays of sunshine' will help the various peoples/cultures/countries/factions maintain hope.

    Love the last image!