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Towers of Midnight Read-Along, Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of our Towers of Midnight Read-Along! This week we read the Chapters 34-40. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Susan over at Dab of Darkness is hosting this week. Hop on over to check out her answers as well. :D

1) Perrin goes through his trial. What did you think of it? Morgase provides judgement but hands off the punishment decision to Galad; why do you think she did so? What do you think Galad has in mind for punishment? Will Perrin ever see that punishment? 

The trial was kind of interesting. I would have assumed it would be a farce, but it had a positive impact on both Galad and Bornhald, which was a surprise. I thought Morgase handing off punishment was a bit of a cop out on her part. I kind of thought that even if she ruled against Perrin, the punishment would be her chance to set it right. But, then again, Galad wasn't rash with a harsh punishment, so maybe it will pan out after all. 

2) Perrin spent a lot of time in the Wolf Dream during this section. He and his small band of wolves fought Slayer more than once. What did you think of these multiple fights? How about Egwene's reaction to Perrin (and vice versa) in the Wolf Dream/T'A'R? 

I totally loved this! I always love to see Perrin in the wolf dream, and fighting Slayer is just a bonus. Granted, Slayer is still at large, but it was very satisfying to see Perrin besting him right and left, and Slayer genuinely surprised by how skilled Perrin has become. (That's right, sucker! Be afraid, be very afraid!)

I thought Perrin and Egwene seeing each other in T'A'R' was really awesome too. They actually saw each other once before, but it was a long time ago--can't remember which book--and both of them were novices to the World of Dreams, so both thought the other was just part of their own dream. Now, they recognized each other for who they were.

And how cool was it that Perrin was better than Egwene and any of her Aes Sedai at using T'A'R' to repel weaves. Both of them thought the other was in major danger. How amazing a force would they be if they could work together there?

Interesting that Slayer differentiated between himself and Luc, saying that Luc truly hated Perrin, while he himself only saw Perrin as a challenge. Loved what Perrin said to Slayer: 

"You are not a wolf," Perrin said, growing softly. (pg. 574)

I like this pic of Egwene looking so
determined. (Source)
3) Egwene has a meaningful meeting in T'A'R with the Sea Folk, the Wise Ones, and some of her Aes Sedai. Why do you think the Kinswomen were not invited? Will these leaders be able to convince their folk that trading apprentices is a good idea? 

Interesting point that the Kinswomen weren't invited. I would imagine it's because they aren't formally teaching. I mean, there are things they know that the Aes Sedai don't, but they don't formally have levels of schooling like Accepted/apprentices, etc. Plus, if they swap info with the Tower Aes Sedai, then the Wise One and Sea Folk apprentices will learn those skills anyway. 

Hopefully these women can get their people to see reason on this point. It's advantageous to everyone, so there's really no reason--other than stupid stubbornness--not to do it.

Mesaaana doing her black mist trick
4) Egwene battles Mesaana and wins. Do you think Egwene received a valuable nudge from Perrin (he blocked Balefire!!!) and was able to apply that to the a'dam? Who do you think Mesaana was impersonating in the real world?  

Yeah, I think Egwene and Perrin meeting in T'A'R' was both fateful and fortuitous. Egwene has never been able to keep her head where a'dam are concerned, and suddenly she could. She didn't consciously reference what she'd seen Perrin do (the balefire thing was awesome, btw) but still I think it affected her a lot. I honestly don't remember who Mesaana was impersonating. I've been wracking my brain trying to remember, but I think we'll find out soon. 

I really loved the way Egwene's victory was described--as something that snapped as she and Mesaana pushed against one another's wills. I could just see it! And I loved this line:

"An Amyrlin to a Tower that has stood for thousands of years," Egwene said. "Thousands of years of trouble and chaos. Yet most of your life, you lived in a time of peace, not strife. Curious, that you should think yourself so strong when much of your life was so easy." (pg. 591-2)

Yeah, Egwene gets to do/say super-cool things as Amyrlin. :D It was almost a way of explaining why the good guys always win. Aside from the fact that the good guys are always more logical/less stupid than the bad ones, they also overcome, which is something the Forsaken, for example, know absolutely nothing about. Well put, Mr. Jordan (and Sanderson). Well put.

5) Gawyn and Egwene are now Bonded! But at what cost? Was it too little too late? Or are these stubborn lovesick fools going to have a lifetime to irritate each other? 

Let's hope they have at least some time to irritate one another, though don't expect it to much with the Last Battle looming. We saw Elayne save Brigitte through bonding. Despite Gawyn's gushing blood, I always felt like she was closer than death Gawyn, so I would expect it to work in a similar way with him.

Aviendha in the Waste (Source)
6) We spent just a tiny amount of time with Aviendha as she is headed to Rhuidean. She meets a mysterious woman, Nakomi, in the wastes. What did you get out of their conversation? Any guesses as to who/what Nakomi is? 

Not gonna say much about this, but it was definitely intriguing. Aviendha came to understand something about the Waste and its role in the lives of her people. If she was having qualms about this, no doubt others are too. I think there's a good chance Aviendha will be a leader among her people, helping them understand this same concept. It may just help preserve more of the Aiel post-Last Battle than if they fail to understand what Aviendha has learned.

7) Perrin has forged a new hammer. Feel free to comment on this scene. What powers do you think the hammer has? Will Perrin & his Channelers make more weapons for the coming Last Battle? 

This was one of my favorite chapters in the entire book--maybe the entire series. So great! Perrin--who cannot channel, remember--helped figure out how to make Power-forged weapons, while also coming into his own epiphany. 

I just loved everything about it. I loved that he branded it with an image of Hopper (poor Hopper! Stupid Slayer!). I loved that he named it after Hopper, but rather than just calling it by his name or something with wolf in the title, he called it "He Who Soars." Such a fitting tribute. I love the image of Perrin striding "...away, feet crackling on the drops of hardened steel." (pg 616)

And I loved these lines:

"The tool he left behind was the hammer of a simple blacksmith. That person would always be part of Perrin, but he could no longer afford to let him lead. From now on, he would carry the hammer of a king." (pg. 616)

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  1. It totally makes sense to invite the Kinswomen.

    1. Agreed, Maurice! Hope you had a Happy New Year! :D

  2. Makes me wonder why Lord Luc truly hates Perrin....hmmm.....Perhaps Luc lost face or position to Perrin, and of course, Perrin has no idea.

    Good point that the Kin have no formal school of teaching, at least, not one we or Egwene know of.

    I too loved the whole scene of Perrin forging his special hammer. And very cool fanart!