Thursday, January 29, 2015

Book Promotion: Advice for Authors #1

So at the start of this year, I put together a business plan for my writing. Part of that, of course, is how many books I'm going to get out this year (4. 5 if I'm lucky. Details HERE.) The other part was how I'm going to promote my books this year. In the past, I've stuck to mostly free promotions, and while that's given me a lot of exposure, it hasn't actually helped me sell many copies.

This year, I've decided to do more paid promos. Not being independently wealthy myself, I don't have tons of money to put into this, but there are myriad sites that promote on-sale books for chunk change. I figure if I just do whatever I can, whenever I can, it might just add up over time. 

So, how do YOU benefit from this? I'm going to keep track of my promotions; a record of what works and how well, and I'll do a post each month about them. Of course many factors go into this. Not just how many copies I sell on any particular site, but what genre it's in, what day of the week, and how it affects my Amazon ranking.

Okay, so here's the report for January. As I'm still recovering from Christmas, and might be moving soon, I couldn't do many promos this month. (And, I'll admit, I wasn't the most organized at it, which means I didn't think about it enough ahead of time. :D)

I only did one (kind of two) promos. I discounted the ebook copy of Citadels of Fire down to $1.99 and paid to feature it on Bargain Ebook Hunter. It was a Guaranteed Promo. For a small additional fee, I could also feature it on Pixelscroll, their sister website. I set it up so that the sale and promo would be on Friday, January 23rd. (I've heard that Fridays and Saturdays work best, as people tend to spend/shop more on weekends, and the majority of people get paid in the Thurs-Fri time frame. I'll probably play with this more as the year progresses.)

In short, I paid roughly $30.00 to promote my on sale, $1.99 historical fiction novel for one day. Here are the results:

Before the promo, Citadels of Fire had a ranking of #1,421, 889 in the paid Kindle store. 

By midnight, the night of the promo, it had achieved a ranking of #34, 375 in the paid Kindle store, and is #12 in it's category: Kindle ebooks>Lit and Fiction>Historical Fiction>Russian. So obviously, the ranking was greatly improved, even if I didn't hit #1 anywhere. (Almost top ten in it's category, though, which is pretty dang good. :D)

I'll be back next week with actual numbers (I don't have them yet. Waiting on my publisher. :/) But I'll do an update when I do. :D I just wanted to share my initial findings. More details to come! 

Has anyone else used either of their sites? Was your promo a success?


  1. That's not bad.
    We have a list of discount book promotion sites at the IWSG. I think it was a post from last February or March. Might be some more you could take advantage of.