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Crown of Swords Read-Along, Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of our Crown of Swords Read-Along. This week's section comprised chapters 31-37. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that came before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. 

1) We finally have Nynaeve and Lan reunited. What did you think of the circumstances of their  fateful meeting? Will Lan ever be whole? 

Loved this part! I totally felt for Nynaeve. Of course when you finally see the guy you've been pining for again, it will be when someone nearly kills you and you look like crap. But, it was still very romantic. I have to give Nynaeve kudos here for more or less taking news of Myrelle's sexual escapes with Lan in stride. Not that she was exactly cool about it, but at least she didn't freak out and skin him with the One Power or anything. For Nynaeve, that's actually an accomplishment. Now they're married. Yea!
2) Reanna Corly reveals the number of the Kin to Elayne after being told the Tower will accept any woman who can channel even the teensiest bit. 1,783 Kin. What do you think the ramifications of this will be? 

It's good news for Egwene--lots of sheep to add to the fold. If she can unite this faction with the Aes Sedai under the same banner in the long run, the White Tower will be better and stronger for it.
3) Corvarla returns to the White Tower and Elaida, with Alviarin in the room, finally learns of Rand's escape. What is driving Alviarin to blackmail Elaida? What do you think Elaida will ultimately do in response? 

Well, she's working for one of the Forsaken, which is her main motivation, I'm assuming. She's acting on orders. But...considering how ridiculous Elaida has become, I think Alviarin takes her own pride in it as well. Like many people, she'll be almost gleeful to see Elaida fall. As for Elaida, I think this has already slipped through her fingers. She just doesn't know it yet. No matter how she struggles from here on out, she'll never regain the power she once had, if indeed she did ever have it.

4) So Min and Rand FINALLY talk about their night together. Amused? Irritated? 

Mostly amused. We didn't really get a morning after scene, and I wonder how that went, since obviously they didn't talk about it then. Did one of them just wake up without the other? Was there tiptoeing involved? Either way, I'm glad they got the awkward stuff out of the way and that Min made Rand be normal and bathe again.
5) Rand finally deigns to visit the Atha'an Miere and he takes along Min, and a few 'tame' Aes Sedai (Merana & Rafela). What did you make of the negotiations? 

Everyone is so concerned about Rand being present. Frankly, if I were Rand, I'd want to be there myself. But, he's ta'veren. Just as some of the Sea Folk women were saying way more than they intended, so I think they'll end up giving more on the bargaining table than they ever meant to. Because of that, I don't think Rand has a whole lot to worry about. The Sea Folk will come to him just as other nations have done.
6) Once again, Rand feels the need to disappear without telling the Aiel. And into the woods he and Min go....where they run into the head of the rebels, Lady Caraline Damodred. Why do you think Lady Caraline lied about his identity? Do you think that this whole segment was the Pattern pushing Rand along? 

It's hard to say what Caraline is all about at this juncture, isn't it? She doesn't come across as power hungry, manipulative, or obsequious, so I automatically like her more than most of the nobles Rand has to deal with every day. I definitely think there was some weirdness here. I'm amazed that Rand wasn't more freaked out to see Fain in the crowd. He really should have run at that point or gone and gotten some Maidens or Asha'men. I think the real thing the Pattern was doing here was protecting him from his own stupidity.
7) And then the tentacular fog disrupts the hunting feast and sword play. Where do you think this came from? Cadsuane got some good page time in this section. Did your opinion of her change? 

It might have been one of those bubbles of evil again. Or it could be one of the Forsaken having a fit of creativity when it comes to striking at Rand. More likely it's just Fain. He's so twisted now, with Mashadar inside him (wind and fog aren't that far apart, right?) that he can manipulate the elements to some extent and use the to do murder. It was definitely creepy. 

I think if anything I respect Cadsuane more after this part. She's just no-nonsense, gets the job done, you know? She's the kind of person that you go to when you need someone you can rely on to act sensibly. I did like that Min mentioned that she wanted to be present when Sorilea and Cadsuane met. Everyone seems to have that thought when they come across her. :D
Aes Sedai vs. Asha'man (Source)
8) Rand manages to become mortally wounded and it takes an Asha'man to heal him. Do you see a future for Flinn and Samitsu (the Aes Sedai who felt the need to pick his brain afterwards)? 

I thought this was a good thing. If a yellow Aes Sedai is willing to learn from an Asha'man, it's the first step toward other sisters accepting the Black Tower. We know that male and female Aes Sedai worked together in the past, before the taint took hold, so we can safely assume that they'll need to work together during the Last Battle as well. I think this scene was the first seeds of alliances forming between the two that we're seeing.


Anybody sick of Tylin yet? Mat's never been my favorite character because he's SUCH a womanizer, but I do kind of feel for him here. 

Funny line from Mat: "Nynaeve married? Nynaeve married to Lan? The man was mad. No wonder his eyes looked so bleak." (pg. 748)

Now, officially I want to slap him for that. Unofficially, I had to chuckle. Obviously Mat and Nynaeve will never be soul mates. 

How did everyone else like this section?

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  1. While I am glad to hear that Elaida won't ever regain the power she once had again, I am a little worried that there will be at least a temporary power void that will be filled by least until Egwene gets around to subjugating the White Tower.

    Maybe they didn't have a morning after scene at all. Perhaps they had crazy sex on the floor, then perhaps a little after glow snuggling, or awkwardness, before someone knocked on the door with the next round of bad news. Still, now that you mention it....Did Rand simply walk off, muttering to himself, calling himself s fiend or such? Is there a WoT deleted scenes as written by fans?

    I hasn't even thought of the Pattern as protecting Rand. Rather I thought the Pattern was pushing Rand along - the Sea Folk and the Rebel Woods. But now that you say it, I have to ponder it. OK, maybe the Patternn pushed Rand into finally going to the Sea Folk. But the Woods? Hmm...Could be his own folly. Lord knows he has a higher quotient than the average sheep herder.

    That Mat line you quoted at the end, about Nynaeve being married - it was very funny on the audio. I definitely chuckled.