Monday, February 3, 2014

Tips for an Awesome KDP Promo!

This past month (January) I ran my first real KDP promotions, and they went great!

The first one I ran was on my book Quantum Entanglement, Book 2 of Interchron. I knew it would be kind of a weird promo, because it's book 2 of the series. Usually you do a book 1 promo. Now, I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing book 2, but my hands were tied here. Book 1 was self-published, which means I can't control the price. Book 2, on the other hand, is self-published. So, I just decided to do a promo on book 2 in the hopes that at least some people would go back and download book 1 and make me some money. (I won't actually know whether or not they did for another week or so, when I get my royalty report from my publisher, so I'll let you know. :D)

Anyway, long story short, I did the promo on Quantum Entanglement, and just didn't expect much. To my shock, 1,328 copies were downloaded over 2 free days. Yippee! 

Now, before anyone lectures me, I know that not everyone delves into their free books right away, if at all, and that if anyone does download book 1, the percentage will likely be small.

Yeah, I don't care.

I still got one of my books into the hands of (or at least onto the kindles of) more than a thousand readers. That, my friends, is a good day for a writer.

Then along came my second promotion for Dark Remnants, book 1 of Street Games. I fully hoped this one would go even better 1) because this was book 1 of my crime fiction series and 2) because I could put it in the mystery & thriller category, which is a high-selling category.

And boy, did it do awesomely! It was downloaded more than 4,600 times, reached the #1 spot in both it's kindle categories, and got as high as #46 in the Kindle Free Top 100! Yea!

So, wanna know how I did it?

Pretty simple, actually. Check out THIS POST. It has a list of places you can submit your free book to be listed for FREE! Now, many of these don't guarantee a listing. A few do, but lots of them have disclaimers about how they don't have much room so if you don't pay, they can't guarantee you a listing. (For a small, very reasonable fee, usually between $5-$15, you can guarantee yourself a spot, but if you're pressed for cash as I was, you can just go with the free listings.)

I probably submitted to 25-30 sites. Then, you'll notice in that same post, a list of places to submit the actual day it is free. Many of them are Facebook sites that don't care if you post your book for free there. Each time I did it, there were a handful that didn't work, but that was okay. I just posted on the ones that did and called it good. 

Screenshot of Dark Remnants' stats during KDP Promo

And of course I used my personal circles of friends and family to spread the word. Voila! 4,600 copies downloaded. A-whaw-hoo!

Having such a great promotion no longer guarantees a cash windfall since Amazon has changed up it's algorithms, but it's still a powerful marketing tool. With any luck, this will grow my email list and bring more readers for when I get books 3, and 2 respectively for each series out later this year. 

(P.S. Donna of A Novel Gathering is featuring me as February's Author of the Month if you'd like to hop over and join us. We'll be doing various things as the month goes along. I'd love to see you all there!)

What experiences have you had with KDP Promotions?


  1. That's some great results! And a lot of people who now own your book.
    My publisher is discounting one of my titles this week. It won't be free, but it will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Wow! That's great! I knew it was only a matter of time. When --not if-- I get to the point where I am worrying about such things, I will definitely pick your brain.

  3. Congrats! That's an amazing success :)

    I've done three promos, and the first two were eh, so-so... but I didn't really do anything to promote them well. The third I did pretty much what you did in this latest one and had 3,315 downloads, so felt pretty happy about that - particularly since I only have one book out. (though that is about to change!) Thanks for sharing about your adventure!

  4. Wow, that's great! What a great start to the month! :)

    ~Pam @ Moonlight Reader