Monday, September 30, 2013

Ice Dragons and Exiles!

When I first started blogging, nearly a year and a half now (has it been that long?!) I, like most greenie bloggers, struggled to come up with content for my blog. One thing I did several times was issue creative challenges based on images or phrases. So, for example, I would write a phrase that evoked an image and ask people to tell me a story about it. I would usually do part 2 the following week and put down my answer to the question.

Now,when I first started doing these, I didn't get many page views. Not more than a handful over two weeks. Now, when I look back to those on my stats page, they've garnered some of the highest numbers of page views of any of my posts over the past year.

Example 1, Part 1   Example 1, Part 2   Example 2, Part 1   Example 2, Part 2

Example 1 garnered a total of 200 pageviews. Okay, not that impressive, but most of those happened in a three month period. Example 2, however, garnered a total of nearly 1,000 pageviews. That's awesome! :D

So, today, I decided to return to them. Take a look at this awesome image:

I love to pin images like this on Pinterest. I have a board called "Landscapes for Inspiration." These kinds of pictures get my creative juices flowing. I always stop and think, what kind of story would take place in this picture?

So, you tell me. What kind of story or scene do you envision taking place in this scene?

I'll start by telling you mine. As many of you know, I'm currently writing book 1 of an epic fantasy, tentatively titled Dragon Magic. It's medieval with, that's right, dragons! I found this picture some time ago and am already planning to use it as a location in my story. I won't hit this location for many volumes (not in book 1) but let's just say it has to do with a young girl who has the power to inspire loyalty in both men and beasts, a forced exile, and Ice Dragons.

But that's all I'm saying. *Does evil laugh*

How about you? What does this picture do for YOUR creative juices?


  1. hope this doesn't double-post...this thing just deleted my comment! anyway, this is such a cool idea and what a haunting image! ice dragons...i've never heard of such a concept. insanity! how would an ice dragon operate? to me the image looks like a frozen mordor, or perhaps a vampire birthing colony on the edge of civilization. hmm!!! look forward to more of these!

    xtina @ moydrookreads

    1. No worries. Didn't double post. :D I love your take on the image, though. Frozen Mordor is great, but a vampire birthing colony would be awesome too! You totally ought to write that series! :D Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. :D

  2. I definitely see a fantasy setting. Maybe in an alternate dream universe?

  3. What a neat idea!!! I may have to steal... er... borrow it :)

    I love images like this as well, I get my best ideas from images... or music...

    Anyway, what does this image evoke for me?

    Hmmm, well, it certainly seems ominous. Perhaps that mountain is actually a stronghold of some kind. And those bird-like figures are probably dragons.... possibly with riders... scouting for weaknesses.

    1. P.S. Sorry I've been silent and not commenting a lot lately... Aug/Sep were pretty crazy months for me...