Monday, June 18, 2012

Peruvian Rugs--Creative Exercise

So I'm going to do another creative exercise. Sorry to have these so close together, but it was a crazy weekend and I'm scrambling to catch up on Monday morning! (Three sibling's birthdays plus Father's Day and I had to cook most of the food. Just sayin.')

So while reading John Sealander's blog, I got a really interesting image. He talked about cleaning out a storage space and finding an old Peruvian rug that was folded up at the top of a shelf. When we shook it out, it literally fell to dust. It was so old that it literally disintegrated in his hands. He mused that perhaps it wasn't the highest quality rug after all, and obviously not worth storing, but I thought the image of a rug turning to dust was an interest one.

In a fantasy world of some kind, why would that happen? Sorcery or magic of some kind? Is it a magic carpet? Some kind of spell on it? Does it hold a sinister or magical secret? Try and get your creative juices flowing and see what you come up with. I'll do the same and post again in a day or two! :D

What does this image make you think of?


  1. How about a treasure map or other important document such as adoption papers? It could easily be something non-magical too. Nice post.

  2. My mother's cooking?

    Following you back from the hop! Congratulations on your releases! How exciting!

    1. LOL. Nice answer! And thanks for following! I'll do the same!