Monday, September 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Turn-Offs

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Top 10 Bookish Turnoffs--Things That Completely Turn you Off to the Book, Story, or Characters.

In no particular order:

10. Espionage--This is something I discovered relatively recently. I don't know what it is, but I am so bored with espionage books. Usually there's not anything wrong with them. Characters? Great. Plot? Fantastic. Writing? Stellar. And I fall asleep every three pages. I don't mind espionage movies, per se, but for some reason, I'm just not an espionage reader. And it's not from lack of trying. Because I have. Believe me.

9. Copycats--I know fan fiction can really take off these days, and anything within a same genre will have similarities, but if I start reading something and find it too similar to something else, especially a huge series like Twilight, Harry Potter, or Hunger Games, I probably won't finish it. There are a few exceptions, but it just has to be done VERY well or it won't get my vote.

8. Gratuitous...anything. Make sure any high-rated content goes hand-in-hand with the story. I'm really not that much of a prude, but when I can tell extreme gore or sex or whatever is just there for shock value, I get bored really fast.

7. Whiny characters--If I get sick of them, I don't finish the book.

6. Badly written books--be it grammar and punctuation, or just passive voice. Badly written stories are SO hard to stick with, no matter how great the premise. :D

5. When the set-up doesn't pay off--I've talked about this before. As a reader, I'm willing to go with the author wherever they and their story points me. I'm really not picky. But don't set me up to expect one thing and then change your mind fifty pages before the end. I won't read another book by you. I'm looking at you Millenium Trilogy!

4. BDSM of any kind--Just not my thing and I'll move onto something more profound. You know, like Harold and the Purple Crayon.

3. Casual sex all around--This is probably the traditional Christian coming out in me, but I just can't love characters that have no true devotion to anyone and think that everyone should sleep with everyone and that's normal.

2. Cheating main characters--I don't see this as a good trait, and it really turns me off. If the MC needs to realize that their boy or girlfriend is a scumbag and get cheated on, that's fine. If it's a secondary character or evil character, that's fine. It's not the act itself that turns me off. It's specifically when you have an awesome, heroic MC that you want to love but just can't keep it in their pants and you're supposed to love them anyway or overlook it. Loyalty is my number one value in people. I won't like characters that act this way.

1. Un-heroic main characters.--Like #2, wimpy characters can be fine, even funny, if they're the sidekick, villain, or otherwise comic relief, but I can't get behind MCs that aren't, at least to some degree, heroic, brave, etc. They need to grow a pair. Then I'll reconsider them.

How about you? What are your Top Ten Bookish Turn-Offs?


  1. Cheating main characters are awful! I just read the Silent wife and that was the case in that book and really didnt enjoy that book.
    heres mine

  2. I really don't like weak female leads that depend on the strong male to save them. It just makes me cringe. Great list!

  3. Hahahahha Harold and the Purple Crayon!! I too would prefer that to BSDM though hahah

  4. Don't like cheaters either. I read The Blue-Ribbon Jalapeno Society Jubilee by Carolyn Brown and one of the main characters decides to cheat with her ex-husband to punish the woman he left her for. What? Here's my TTT

  5. yeah-- i'm def now down with bsdm!! let's add cheating and casual sex as well. :)

  6. nice list...i strongly agree with most of this, especially 5, 1 & 2. that girl from the forest of hands and teeth comes to mind as un-heroic...selfish, whiny, everything i despise. and i can't really get behind cheaters either unless the cheater has some come to jesus moment by the end of the book and actually grows as a character. this is one of the big reasons anna & the french kiss didn't do it for me. emotional cheating is still cheating!

  7. Cheating is a big no-no for me too. I especially hate it when the narrator or author tries to convey it like "in this case it was justified". Nope , never, sorry!

  8. I can't stand whiny characters, either. Especially if they are the main character. I have no patience for that crap. And I like my MC's heroic, too.

  9. I definitely agree with "gratuitous anything" as a turn-off! For me, it's especially related to violence. It's one thing to describe a murder scene in a mystery/crime thriller, but it starts to feel like wallowing when the author goes into so much grisly detail that it's clearly just for the shock value. (This is why I stopped reading the Steig Larsson books). Great list!


  10. Great list! As for cheating main characters, I believe that NO characters should be cheating, no matter how important they are to the plot line. It gets on my nerves. Including cheating in YA novels is almost saying that it is OK and that it happens, but we should be promoting the message that it is not OK. I also get peeved by grammatical errors, as you touched upon in your writing style section.
    Check out my TTT list:

  11. your a clean reader eh? that is okay i was to at one point. I do not like over gratuity or profane things but some is okay.

    Check out my Top 10!

  12. Whiners annoy the heck out of me too - should've had it on my list! I also hate cheaters because there is NO FREAKING EXCUSE! Ever. As for espionage, I can't stand spy movies but sometimes I can get into spy books. They have to be really good though! Great list and I love the Mountain Dew picture! LOL

    My TTT: