Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peruvian Rugs--Part 2

So on Monday I gave you an image and told you to see what you could come up with. I got some interesting--and somewhat hilarious--answers back. (See comments of previous post!) Thanks to all those who participated! I appreciate the insight! 

So what about me? Well, being a Peruvian rug, I immediately set the story in an ancient, Middle-Eastern era. Maybe Egypt or the Seljuk Turks? (Think Aladdin!) I tend to like dark fantasy, so I thought perhaps the rug was an object of sorcery. Perhaps it was hidden away for safe keeping because it was tied to someone's life. When the finder shook it out and it turned to dust, so did the person it was tied to, but the finder, of course, has no idea. Why would he/she?

Next we have to tie the finder of the rug--okay, this person needs a name. Let's make them a he and him Bob. (Total Seljuk Turk name, right? :D ) So we have to tie Bob into the evil-spell/rug story line. If he snuffs out someone's life but never finds out, what's the point? So, perhaps the spell rebounds on him somehow. Perhaps the evil (insert label for bad guy) who cast the spell can now find and do the same thing to him. Maybe it's like a chain-letter, but it's a chain-rug of death!!!

Over the top? Yeah, maybe a little, but still fun! 

Next we'd have to figure out why the bad guy (or girl. ooh!) wants to do this in the first place and how our hero Bob can save himself. But still...

Random image from random blog + a little writer's imagination = complete idea for adventure story. It could be the 1002nd Arabian Night (Knight?) Story! Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the exercise. Have a great day and may your dreams (both waking and sleeping) be filled with epic fantasy! :D

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