Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Movie Review: Oblivion

Wow! It has been a LONG time since I did a movie review! I haven't seen much of anything lately. Either I'm too busy and miss the good ones, or just too poor when they hit theaters. Well, despite mixed reviews of Oblivion, I still really wanted to see it. Obviously I'm really late to this party, but I finally Redboxed it. 

Opening comments: It was weird. While watching it, I wasn't a huge fan. It was one of those shows where they don't explain anything very well so throughout the whole film, you're going, "Huh? Should I rewind? Did I miss something?" But if you stick it out to the end, it all comes clear and I really ended up enjoying it.

Plot: So Jack (Tom Cruise)--of course, typical action hero name--lives in a station on the atmosphere above earth following a war that made the planet uninhabitable. His job is to do maintenance on drone machines for a certain period of time. Then a ship crash lands, spilling out human survivors. The short of it is that it calls into question everything he believes and turns his world upside down. Things begin happening so fast, and without any explanation, that it becomes hard to follow half-way through.

Dystopian World: I thought the dystopian world, the scenery, and the dynamics of it were amazing. It had that perfect, bleak, colorless, dystopian feel. I really liked this aspect of it.

Characters: I liked the characters okay. They were endearing, believable, but perhaps a bit trusting. From almost the first line, which talks about a mandatory mind-wipe, my sister and I were asking why that was necessary, and why the characters didn't question it more. But that was my only gripe.

Twists: The twists were good, but again, it was hard to figure out exactly what they were. There were times when obviously something big was going down, but you couldn't figure out exactly what it was. There was just no explanation. Once you DO figure it out, though, the twists are pretty epic. I will say that, in a way, the big-twist-reveal at the end makes the world feel slightly less dystopian. It really ISN'T less dystopian, but it's different than how you thought it was for the entire movie. What it actually is is very...I don't, unconventional? Not that any dystopian is actually conventional.

Ending: As I said, all things are revealed at the end, and I found that I actually really liked the ending, the final solution. It had a very Independence Day feel to it, and I was a big fan of that movie. :D It was quite a gamble to confuse everyone for 2+ hours and only THEN explain. I think that's why there were such mixed reviews about it. But I found that, having made it through to the end, it was worth it. I liked it overall and I think they were going for a dawning-shock-in-hindsight sort of thing. It worked pretty well. Assuming you actually get to the end, anyway.

Overall, I really liked it. If you're into dystopian, scifi, Tom Cruise flicks, or just weird stories. (If you liked Minority Report, for example) then you'll probably enjoy Oblivion. I'm glad I finally got the chance to be confused by it. For a little while.

Has anyone else seen Oblivion? What did you think of it?


  1. I really liked this one as well. It had elements of many movies and yet managed to be fresh. And I know I'm in the minority (bad pun!) but I did NOT like Minority Report.

  2. Saw it a couple of weeks ago, and sort of felt like it was in the so-so category. There were bits I really liked, and the twists were quite entertaining. But it just didn't quite have that... I dunno... x-factor as the guys on Top Gear like to say... it felt like it was lacking that intangible something that causes a movie to jump into my favorites category.

    As far as Tom Cruise movies go, I prefer Mission Impossible, Minority Report, Knight and Day, and recently added Jack Reacher to my list of favs.

  3. I actually have this movie out from the library right now and was debating whether or not I'd get to it before it's due. I think I'll try now!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction