Monday, October 28, 2013

More on Fantasy Back Story

So last week I did a post about some of the back story I'm using for my epic dragon fantasy story. It dealt with the birth of dragons. I got excellent feedback for it, so thank you to all who shared their thoughts. I really appreciated them. If you want to read that previous post, Dragon Magic: Designing Back Story, click the link. 

So, I'm going to do some more back story today. 

Several hundred years ago, the world was a chaotic place with dragons and men constantly at war with both each other and themselves. Both species nearly destroyed themselves before the Fire Covenant was made. The Fire Covenant binds the two species as allies within the land of the Six Realms. They safeguard one another and form a symbiotic relationship.

In the years that followed, a family called Darmingian took power. They ruled the human world for decades and were good, just kings. Under them, the four Boundaries of the Six Realms were reinforced with magic and sealed against the dangers without. The dragons, coupled with human riders, stood sentry to keep the Six Realms safe.

But the peace was not to last. When King Torem Darmingian and his wife Lenna took power, strife came to the kingdom. A powerful sorcerer named Bazmal began gaining followers and questioning the monarchy. He tried to stir up the people against the king, but the Darmingians were too loved, and King Torem was wise. He quelled the strife at every turn and reinforced the loyalty of his people.

Bazmal, in anger, lashed out and cursed the Darmingians, vowing to murder all of their children, ending their line so he could take power. He proved, through several murders of their household, that he could reach the children.

The king and queen had born no less than six children, and feared for all of them. In desperation, they sent all six of the children away, placing them in temporary homes throughout the kingdom. No one except a trusted member of the king's household--not even the king and queen themselves--knew where the children had been hidden. Or how long they would have to stay away.

For three long years, they waited and wondered, until finally Bazmal was defeated and driven into exile. At that point, the King and Queen tried to bring the children home, but the man who knew where they'd been hidden was killed in the fight against Bazmal, and no one knew where to look for them.

The king and queen sent out a plea to  the kingdom to bring any parentless children before them, seeking their lost children, but to no avail. The six Darmingian children were never found, and without royal issue, the Darmingian line died, leaving the Six Kingdoms without a royal successor. 

Thus was instituted the Gerund System, a system of rotating kings and queens that only rule for a short time so that no one can gain too much power. This is the world my characters are born into and live in.

What do you think of this as legend/back story for an epic fantasy?

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  1. That's really sad.
    You're putting a lot of work into this one. It will show when you write the story.