Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lord of Chaos Read-Along, Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our Lord of Chaos Read-Along. This week we read chapters 3-6. Remember that this section, as well as everything that came before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Rand seems to have taken Lan's advice and is avoiding Aviendha at all costs. How will this turn out for them? Who do you think he had in mind when he asked Mat about being in love?

Still don't think it's a long term solution, but beyond that it remains to be seen. I think he was most directly thinking about Aviendha, but really he was probably thinking about all three women. He obviously doesn't know how he feels about any of them, and the three women are just different enough that it would be hard to compare feelings for them.

A bunch of men waiting to go mad, what could possibly go wrong?! What lies in the future for these fellows? Is Rand right in trusting Taim with this?

I think it was only a matter of time before this happened. How can Rand expect to channel in the world but still condemn others like him? It would be hypocritical, and with the Last Battle looming, he'll need all the help he can get. Still, there's TONS that may potentially go wrong. In Lews Therin's time, the Hundred Companions did most of the breaking of the world, and Rand is raising up another group just like them. I don't know that you can say it's right or wrong, but it does seem necessary. As for Taim, it seems to me it's a lot of responsibility for someone Rand only just met and admits he doesn't trust, but I do see the necessity of a teacher so Rand isn't doing everything himself. He's got bigger fish to fry. *coughs* Sammael. *coughs*

3. Rand's forces just won't cooperate. Do you expect more rebellions? Is Rand making the right choice in leaving this one to fester?

He'll have to deal with any and all rebellions eventually, but sometimes leaving them to fester can have its advantages. I guess we'll see how this one turns out.

4. It seems like the theme of chapter 4 is humor. Who did you find funniest? What's your best joke?

I love the Aiel! Not that their jokes are funny--they don't make much logical sense, though I can see a twisted sense in them, method in the madness--but I always enjoy it when our boys and girls in Randland don't get it, and I loved that Rand gave them a taste of their own medicine, telling them a country bumpkin joke--and they thought it had to be about the water. So funny! 
My best jokes are story jokes and would take FAR to long to type, so I'm totally copping out over here. But, click on this link for some Wheel of Time Light Bulb jokes. Cheesy, but also funny.


Did Mat just… become an adoptive father? Mat doesn't strike me as the fatherly type. How do you think this will work for him (and his officers, and of course Olver)?

Olver! Yea! I was reading this part, with the two men fighting, and thinking, "why don't I remember where this is going?" Then Olver popped up, and I was like, "Ah. Yea!" Gotta love Olver. Even though it's kind of sad, I love it that he's homely looking, with ears and nose too big for his face. Poor kid's obviously been through a lot and, well, let's just say Mat will make an...we'll go with interesting father figure. Then again, having the responsibility of a kid around might to do a world of good. Who would have thought, of the three ta'veren, he'd be the first to take on parenting?


It's time to discuss forsaken intrigue yet again. Could you decipher anything from that chat between Graendal and Sammael? Does anyone else feel like Sammael has made a big mistake somewhere?

It's interesting, after reading the final book in the series, to go back and see what clues we had early on about the lands beyond the Aiel Waste. It's the kind of detail you don't necessarily retain, but it's fun to go back and read it. I think it's funny that all our main, good characters are somewhat befuddled by one another and know it, but the Forsaken go around, certain that they are each the puppet master of the others and can totally reach one another's thoughts. Sure you can! That's why you're all king/queen of the world right now!

Sammael seems like the most unhinged of the remaining forsaken. The fact that he kept losing it and randomly screaming about was like Forsaken Turrets. Even if it didn't feel like we are heading toward a Rand/Sammael smack down, my guess would be that he'd be the next one to get balefired. He just doesn't seem very in control.

Just how scary is Semirhage now, and what could Shaidar Haran possibly want with this poor Aes Sedai (who, I believe, we have never seen before)?

Yeah, Semirhage is one scary mofo. Incidentally, she's the only one who wasn't pee-her-pants terrified of Shaidar Haran, but I don't think that necessarily makes her braver. Maybe just crazier. As for what Haran wants, it's hard to say. Obviously information of some kind. Despite how much we all love to joke about Aes Sedai busy-body-ness, I think it's important to note that obviously the Dark One sees importance in the power of the White Tower. Also note that Semirhage said something about getting back to her charge. A bull-headed girl. It's not much of a clue as to who/where she is, but still might be important later.


The image of Sammael's gateway cutting some poor brain-washed dude in two was pretty gross, but also effective in showing the extent of the socio/psychopathy of the Forsaken. No remorse, compassion, or empathy there at all. 

I also laughed at Mat a lot in his chapter here. He get's so mad about people calling him a lord,, what are they supposed to think? For example, at one point he had the thought that he was going to have "I am not a bloody lord," embroidered on his coat. But only lords (other than royals) are rich enough to have their coats embroidered, so... It'd be like someone who wore a cop uniform around all day and made arrests beating people up for calling him a cop. Really? Let's dig a little deeper, shall we Lord Matrim?

I also had to roll my eyes at his reaction to the serving girl. First he blurts out the Daughter of the Nine Moons question. If she doesn't know what he's talking about, then he gives himself permission to sleep with her. Then he keeps her dancing so she won't talk. At all. Yeah, obviously Mat is awesome husband material. Don't get me wrong. I love Mat's character, but I just have to shake my head at him sometimes.

How did everyone else like this section?


  1. I hadn't really thought of Lews & his 100 Boon Companions being like Rand & his Farm of Nearly Mad Men. Yep, things may get messy before they get better.

    I love your pic of the Egwene kitty. This is why cats eat their masters from time to time.

    Haha! Well, actually of the 3 ta'veren, I expected Mat to be the first to need some parenting skills. I mean, he is the most promiscuous, and there hasn't been talk of any methods of birth-control, for men or women, yet.

    Ah yes, Semirhage's cahrge - bull-headed. Hmm.... aren't all the women in this series bull-headed? Still, Nynaeve is the queen of those, so perhaps Semirhage is in Salidar, which would make sense from the type of intel she could gather there. In my reply to Eivind, I was thinking Morgase needed to be looked after, and that meant Linni, but I just can't see Linni being Semirhage.

    Yes, Mat and his aversion to being called a lord. *snort* But he gets to order his men to break camp and be ready to march at first light, while he catches a few hours of sleep and someone else cooks him breakfast.

    1. Good point about Mat and his rather indiscriminate sexytimes - I hadn't thought of that! :D

  2. 2. I agree that it is a dangerous move, but one that has to be made. I am intrigued to see how Logain fits into all this. I am pretty sure that Nynaeve will eventually braid-yank him back from his Gentling, so he could be another formidable ally for Rand and Min has seen glory in his future . . .

    4. I love the cat picture, although I am quite sure that I can see it deciding to kill the person who did that to it! :D

    5. My money was all on Perrin in the fatherhood sweepstakes . . .

    6. I imagine the Dark One has a check list for potential Forsaken . . . Narcissistic? Yes!, Power crazed? Yes!, Obsessional? Yes! Totally stupid, delusional and overconfident? Double yes!! :D