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The Great Hunt Read-Along, Week 1 + Blog Tour Stops

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The Great Hunt Read Along, Week 1


Welcome to the first week of The Great Hunt Read-long! This is Book 2 of Robert Jordan's epic fantasy saga, The Wheel of Time! Hosted by Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings and Nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness!

Bors at Darkfriend Meeting
1) That prologue was pretty intense. If you haven't read the book/don't remember, any wild guesses as to who all these spooky characters are? If you know, feel free to make snarky comments.

Okay, I can't really answer this because I have read the series but suffice it to say, after getting to the end and finding out about some (very shocking) evil characters, it's interesting to go back and read things like this. ;) It's still not possible to pinpoint exactly who they all are, but the Shienaran and the Aes Sedai he saw there stand out in my mine in particular.

2) Hehe! What do you think of all of Rand's attempts to escape from the keep?

Hysterical! I think Rand is the typical American: he hears countless warnings about something (I.e. from Lan) but doesn't heed them. He procrastinates, waiting until the last possible second, then is shocked to his toenails when things don't go his way. Typical guy. ;)

Padan Fain
3) What do you make of Egwene's visits to the dungeon and to specifically visit Padan Fain? 

I think she needs to be careful. She's meddling in things beyond her pay grade. She thinks she can handle them but they may get her killed. If it were me, I think I'd be more afraid of Moiraine finding out than of Padan Fain himself.

4) We have a shift in point of view pretty quickly in this book (as opposed to The Eye of the World). Has your view of Moiraine altered any by riding around in her head? 

I think Jordan does an excellent job of keeping an air of mystery about Moiraine, even after going into her head. The way she holds herself, the very way she thinks, seems in keeping with what the kids have observed about her. If anything, reading from her POV has solidified her character in my mind. 

In contrast to that, he also manages to make her more human at the same time. I thought the scene from her POV was masterfully done. We find out about a scheme that's been going on for twenty years, hear a little about her past, including a best friend from the tower and the fact that she grew up in the "royal palace" in Cairhien, and we see that her life may be even more dangerous than we realized before. Yet, it all flows naturally. There's no feel of an information dump. Loving it! And I'm glad to meet Siuan Sanche. She's not always a mainstream character, but we'll see her off and on constantly through the series. She's a character I've come to really love. :D

5) We finally get to meet some more Aes Sedai - in force. What are your impressions?

They are more human than I would have thought. I kind of envisioned an entire order of self-possessed, mysterious women, but they have a wide range of personalities and temperaments that makes them very relatable. ;) I love that there are political factions, gossip, and even cliques within the White Tower. As women, it may not be our most shining quality, but it is there and Jordan handles in a way that makes it feel real. He's also not preachy or high-horsed about it. I respect him more for that.

Shienaran Warrior
6) Trollocs! Any guesses as to how they got in? Anyone else amused that the overall atmosphere is abruptly jarred by the unexpected appearance of Trollocs in both The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt?

Maybe through a Waygate? Didn't someone mention that there used to be one in a destroyed city? An then there's the one Moiraine and the boys came through. I honestly can't remember the answer to this one. ;) It's interesting that you mention both beginnings being the same. Perhaps this is a symptom of it being the beginning of the series but, personally, I don't think it's a bad thing. It's common for Book 2 of a series to start with the very thing the character faced in book 1. Granted, usually it's to show that the threat from book 1 has been bested and is no longer a big deal, and that the MC will have much bigger challenges this time around, which is not the case here. (Rand's nowhere near besting all the trollocs in the world. :D) But even so, it didn't seem out of place to me. It just goes to show that the threat is still there and, while Rand has changed and will continue to grow, well, there are thirteen more books in the series, right? :D

Finally, feel free to add anything else that stood out for you. 

It's fun to see some characters now that are important later. Keep an eye on Ingtar and Masema. We'll see more of them later on. It's especially interesting that Masema pretty much hates Rand at this point. :)

Other than that, loving the feel of Book 2 and learning more about the world and the people in it. How is everyone else liking it?


  1. I too am enjoying how there are different factions within the aes sedai. We met so few in Book 1 that I didn't really have an image of them as an organization.

    That's a good point about the author bringing a terror from Book 1 into Book 2 to show that it is defeatable. Maybe. If they will get around to it. So far the Trollocs have the lead in this book.

  2. Excellent point, Moraine would be pissed about Egwene endangering herself now, especially since we just found out how important she could be!

    Good point about the Waygates, though I would hope that the soldiers would have guarded all of the ones around the city by now....

  3. Ingtar and Masema added to the 'to watch' list . . . I do like it when an author introduces important characters in a subtle way rather than hitting us over the head with their importance.