Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eye of the World Read-Along: Final Week + Blog Tour Stops

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Eye of the World Read-Along: Final Week!

Hosted by Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings

1. Oo la la, Nynaeve and Lan are finally confirming there is something going on between them, and of course Rand has to creepily eavesdrop.... What do you think of this brewing star-crossed love?

Totally love it! This was one of things that I loved about this series from the very beginning. I totally love this relationship and how it's handled! I think the creepy eavesdrop is kind of funny. As I writer, I can see that it was a matter of Robert Jordan trying to keep the POV changes down in the first novel. It was all Rand until they split into groups after Shadar Logoth. Once they're all together again, we're back to only Rand's consciousness. So, he had to eavesdrop in order for us to know. ;D

2. Wow, the Blight is a scary place, but what did you think was the creepiest critter/thing that the team encountered or fortunately didn't encounter?

I'm a member of the what-you-don't-see-is-scarier-than-what-you-do school, so I'll have to go with the Worms. We didn't really see them, but they were felling trees in the distance like the Smoke Monster on the Lost island. Even Lan was afraid of them. And what scares Lan, scares me. Just sayin'.

3. We got to meet the Green Man! We discussed last week what everyone thought he would look like, how did he measure up to your expectations? What did you think of his head scar?

Yeah I love the Green Man! I love that he's peace-loving but he still attacked the evil Forsaken! I love that he died fighting them, and that his final minutes protecting the Eye led to what happened at the end of this book. It's so epic!

4. The epic battle ended up being mostly in the dream realm apparently, what did you think of Rand's various battles?

I thought they were pretty cool. I loved that he could see the cords and thought to sever them. I really liked when he appeared on the battle field and burnt all the shadowspawn to a crisp. I remember being a bit confused the first time I read it, not sure where he was supposed to be. I wish he would have locked eyes with Agelmar on that battlefield, just so it was more obvious, but overall I loved all of it.

5. Congratulations everyone, we finished! What did you think overall? If this was a re-read for you, how was the second time around? Are you planning to read book two (with or without us, no pressure, hehe)?

Loved it! Thought it ended perfectly with Rand's being conflicted and hugging Egwene. This is a second read through for me (maybe third. I can't remember for sure but I may have read the first two or three books more than once) and it was great the second time through. I recently read the final book in the series so it was fun to re-read the ground work that was laid in book 1. It gave me a greater appreciation for the awesomeness that was Robert Jordan. He could definitely tell an amazing story and created an astounding world! I'm totally reading Book 2 with ya! :D The Great Hunt! Can't wait!


  1. I have really enjoyed all the fan art you have shared with us throughout the read along. Glad to hear you are joining us for The Great Hunt.

    Yes, whatever scares Lan, scares me. Like to the point of lost continence, or fainting.

    I look forward to being where you are: reading the final book in this series and then I am going to come back and reread these posts on the beginning book and see how my perceptions change.

  2. 1. I didn't find it all that creepy that Rand overheard this conversation. In many ways I think that this makes their love so much more touching and gentle because everything is understated and held back. If we were in either of their heads we would get less of a feeling of sadness at his reticence.

    2. Anything that scares Lan is something to be avoided at all costs!

    4. I liked the way that Rand seemed to instinctively know how to fight Aginor. I seem to have been alone in not being confused by the battle at Tarwin Gap, but I would like to see it on film.

    5. It sounds like your reaction is very similar to the one I had when I reread A Game of Thrones: I love seeing the little hints that are so much more significant than they seem. Great writing!

  3. Really great point about Rand locking eyes with Agelmar, that would have made it a lot clearer what was going on, since I was rather lost.... I think it would have been much more epic if I had realized he was in the present helping out the men in the Gap!

    I thought it was so sweet that Rand couldn't remember much except that he had to find Egwene, ah love! ;-)