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Eye of the World Read-Along Week 7 + Blog Tour Stops

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Welcome to The Eye of the World Read-Along, hosted by Anya of On Starships and Dragonwings and Nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness.

1) Out of all the minor characters we have come across so far, Lamgwin and his body guarding (of inn and cats) has made me laugh the most. I do hope he gets swept up into things for a bigger piece. Who has been your favorite or most interesting minor character so far? 

I like Master Gill. He seems so real! He seems like the kind of guy you've met a hundred times, but no less sincere for that. I love that he was depressed that he lost at Stones to Loial. It made me smile. (I get the feeling it's about as smart to take on an Ogier as it is to take on a Wookie. :D

2) Hooray! The reunion has finally happened, and the only stain is Mat and his dagger. How do you think Mat's long-term relationship with his dagger will affect things? 

It's obviously something that will continue to be a problem until it's more fully taken care of. It's an evil thing, so I doubt it will be easily dispatched. And I doubt any of the kids will be particularly comfortable around Mat until it is. Based on what Moiraine has said (that he needs a full circle of sisters in Tar Valon to cleanse him) it also ensures that he's not going to get away from the Aes Sedai any time soon.

3) Finally, on page 641 (of my book anyway), the boys break and start to tell all to Moiraine. Do you think the Two Rivers folk will trust Moiraine with things more easily in the future? Why didn't Moiraine strangle the boys there and then (I know I would have!)? 

You'd think so, but distrust of Aes Sedai is pretty well ingrained in them, so it may not be quite that simple. Moiraine always says "the wheel weaves as the wheel wills" line a lot. She's one of those really accepting people. I think that's why she didn't drop kick any of the boys out of Master Gill's library, but personally I think those kind of people can be kind of annoying. Like, stop being so calm and just punch the wall, already! ;D

The Ways
4) The party kicks around several theories about the Waygates. Which was your favorite, or do you have one of your own? How about those things that lurk in the Waygates? 

I think the Ways are awesome! They're a little creepy, and if they weren't so twisted I'd totally want to explore! The Black Wind is all kinds of creepy! The fact that there were voices that the boys could hear was way scary! What they were saying was all kinds of icky.

5) This section introduces the knowledge of the Green Man. How do you think he will measure up to your cultural knowledge of the legend of the Green Man? 

The Green Man is an interesting legendary entity. Very few ever find him and they speak of him reverently, like something sacred or religious. Yet, no one doubts his existence in the least. It makes for an interesting expectation.

6) The Lord of Fal Dara, Agelmar, seems to have some previous business with Moiraine and Lan, Lord of the the Seven Towers. What do you think their collective past dealings have been?

Based on the fact that both Agelmar and Lan are battle lords from the Borderlands, and given that Agelmar knows Lan's history and that of his fallen country and obviously revers him, I think it's obvious that the two men have been life-long friends. They respect and even love each other as brothers fighting against the shadow. Agelmar, though it seems Lan sees him as an equal, really tries hard to worship Lan as a king. It's a really interesting dynamic, and I don't know about everyone else, but I totally love Lan more for being so modest and not capitalizing on the fame he obviously could have. Of course, his character is one of the many reasons he's so revered anyway. 

Extras: Okay, gearing up for a heart-pounding finale, here. By the way, don't you just love Jordan's mastery of histories? I was so captivated when Moiraine told the story of Manetheren in Emond's Field, but Malkier's is even better. It has the jealousy and betrayal typical of medieval, war-of-ascension stories, but then there's also Lancelot-like heroes that turn out to be Darkfriends (Cowin Fairheart), the tragedy of a king having to kill a beloved friend, and the honorable deaths of the king and queen after sending their infant to (they hoped) safety. It's got a very Superman feel to it. 

Can I just draw your attention to two thing: Agelmar says the bodies of Breyen and her infant son Isam were never found, though their fate can be guessed. So...maybe remember those names. No particular reason. Just sayin'. 

Also, keep an eye out for the name Jain Farstrider. He's never a central character or anything. In fact he's usually mentioned in passing as a legendary hero, as in "the travels of Jain Farstrider" or "the adventures of Jain Farstrider." Still, just take note and catalogue the things that are said about him. Near the end of the series, Jordan does something ridiculously AWESOME with this legend. Trust me, if you can get through the whole series, it will definitely pay off! :D

What's everyone else loving or hating as we come into the home stretch of book 1?

Happy Game Day, Everyone! Party hard! ;D


  1. Ogier vs. Wookie in the final Stones/Chess playoffs! Please keep all limbs behind the safety plexiglas!

    That interesting that you draw attention to Agelmar's tales and also Jain Farstrider. I will have to keep those in mind.

    Yes, I do notice how Moiraine seems to be very accepting...of well, everything. Sometimes I find this a bit convenient, but over all I am enjoying all the characters. If Moiraine didn't have this one tiny flaw, she wouldn't be so believable.

  2. Hehe, despite how harsh Moraine seemed at first, she definitely seems to be the most accepting and chill of the Aes Sedai! I also like that we finally know what the "nice" Aes Sedai and called "blue", lol.

    If the Wind didn't have voices, it wouldn't be so creepy, definitely true, gah, those voices, well done Jordan!

    *tries to keep all the names in her head* I am so bad at remembering these things, good thing I have you to help me :D

  3. 1. Now I will always imagine Loial as a wookie! :D

    2. It is good to see that Moiraine is not all powerful and that she will need help to sever this link, but I am not sure how Mat is going to cope with this tie to the Aes Sedai.

    3. I can only assume that Moiraine has superhuman self control, but that she is also used to people not trusting her because of what she is. Also, she is probably much older than she appears, so she has plenty of time to learn patience . . .

    I did make a mental note to remember the 'dead' mother and child: I would not be surprised to find that they are alive and well doing evil somewhere.