Monday, December 8, 2014

3 Tips to Help You Settle into a Writing Schedule

o this year I started working again and sort of got out of the habit of writing. It's hard to work a difficult day job, come home exhausted, and try to find the energy to write, so I struggled for several months.

Recently I switched to a job that will give me both more time and more ability/inclination to write. Still, I had to get used to the new job, work around the hours, and settle into a routine. It can be challenging. So, here are a few tips for those of you who constantly struggle with finding time to write.

. Sit down, map out your schedule and find your free time slots.
It really doesn't matter how long these slots are. With work, family, and the holidays being upon us, no one has much free time. Even if you can only find a few fifteen minute time slots a week to write, at least you'll be moving forward and getting some writing done during the holidays. Just find wherever you have, and mark them down on the calender.

2. Commit to them. Set them aside and don't plan anything in those slots. You'll be tempted to do other things during this time: shop, do chores, catch a few winks. And I get it. The holiday season can be downright exhausting. Keep the planned writing times you've made, though. Success comes to those who work harder than everyone else.

. Follow through. Don't allow yourself to get distracted during these time periods
. This is definitely a mind set. Just determine that these times--especially if they're small--will be used for writing and nothing else. When they come, set everything else you're doing aside and write for as long as you can. Then you can pick everything else back up again. You'll thank yourself later.

Hope these steps help you. They definitely have me.

What helps keep you on track during the holidays? Have any tips to add?


  1. When I'm working on something, I have a designated time slot and let nothing interfere with it.

    1. That's about the only way to make sure it gets done. Thanks Alex! :D