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Towers of Midnight Read-Along, Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of our Towers of Midnight Read-Along! This week we read the Chapters 26-33. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Eivind Fonn is our house this week, and will probably post his answers over at Coffee, Cookies and Chili Peppers. Hop on over to check them out as well. :D

I think I've used every pic of Perrin 3-4 tmes!
1.  Slayer prowls the World of Dreams, where a strange violet dome prevents access.  Meanwhile, gateways fail in the real world.  Is there a connection?  It's building to a battle between Perrin and Slayer very soon.  Do you think Perrin's work with nightmares will bear fruit or is it still too soon?

This is one I shouldn't comment on because it will spoil, but I think there's a good chance there's a connection between the two. It's also creepy that Slayer seems to be somehow using the dome to trap wolves. It strikes me as cheating. Not only is he hunting wolves in T'A'R' but he can't even play fair. He has to trap them. Douchebag. Anyway. I won't say much about Perrin's work except that I don't think we'd be observing his training with Hopper if it wasn't going to bear fruit at some point.

2.  Perrin avoids a battle by submitting himself to a possibly pointless trial.  Do you agree with this choice?  How risky is it for Perrin?  At the same time, Morgase is finally revealed and will act as judge!  What do you think about that?  Does Berelain strike you as smitten by Galad?

This is kind of an interesting situation. As an audience member, I would say he has nothing to worry about. We all remember what really happened in book 1, and Perrin truly didn't do anything wrong. On the other hand, he halfway thinks he did something wrong, and if he says that during the trial, or bases his defense on that, he could well get himself convicted, even with Morgase as judge. 

Yes, Berelain definitely seems twitterpated. She keeps bringing up his name in random conversations, looking for reasons to go talk to him. Yeah, she's definitely into him. :D If they end up together, I think their children might be scary-arrogant, but I also think they might just be perfect for one another. Guess we'll see.

Egwene al'Vere (Source)
3.  Sitters attempt to undermine Egwene (again) and Egwene wraps them up neatly (again).  Have we seen the final political battle or do you expect more?  What do you think of Egwene's proposed changes?

Oh no. I think as long as the White Tower stands there definitely will be politics in it. And even Egwene, here at the beginning of her reign as Amyrlin, will probably do a lot more political maneuvering. I think her changes are just common sense. The Hall is meant to balance the Amyrlin's power, but given how conniving they can be, she should be keeping them in check as well. It only seems fair that not one but both sides be required to keep one another in the loop.

Aludra and a dragon (Source)
4.  Shots fired!  The dragons are in production and work well, but the Last Battle is near and time is short.  How many will they be able to make, and much of an impact will they really have?  Birgitte thinks the world has changed.  What are your impressions?

More and more the world seems to be heading in the direction of the Age of Legends, with more and more interesting technology. I think these are just another example of this. So, I suppose I agree with Brigitte. Again, just from a writer's standpoint, these dragons will probably play some kind of role in the Last Battle. Otherwise we wouldn't be reading about them. (Sorry to be all technical, but it's better than spoiling. :D)

5.  Wolves gather at Dragonmount and Perrin observes the “Veins of Gold” event from the World of Dreams.  The Last Hunt is now upon us and the wolves are mobilizing.  What are your thoughts?  Did you enjoy seeing this scene from another perspective?

I totally loved this! It was fascinating. I thought it was really cool that if Rand hadn't had his breakthrough and come back into the Light, it would have simply been the end of everything, including the wolves. They understood and accepted this. I really liked seeing this from Perrin's POV, especially as he saw it from the World of Dreams. It shows that Rand and his struggles transcend all worlds and species. Just so engrossing. Loved it! :D

Mat fighting the gholam. (Source)
6.  Mat finally disposes of the gholam, helped out by some Kinswomen and a gateway.  What do you think?  Was this the solution you had in mind?

Yea! The gholam is finally toast! I thought this was a really creative solution. Since there didn't seem to be any way to defeat him with weapons, they just kind of banished him to forever darkness. A little like Superman II and the prism-prison. Anyway, I liked it. I thought it was a great solution to a problem that had been built up so much over so many volumes.

I know I've used this before, but this is kind of
what I picture for Maradon. (Source)
7.  Rand lands in Maradon in the eleventh hour, brining aid.  He then shows off some impressive channeling.  Do you think he made a dent in the shadow army?  Do you agree with his assertion that he must stay away from the main battle?  Feel free also to comment on Torkumen and King Alsalam.

This was awesome! It was so great that he showed up to save Ituralde and his men after they'd done such great things to hold the city. I loved everything about this. And the fact that even the strongest of the Asha'men were totally blown away (pun totally intended) by the magnitude of Rand's channeling was pretty amazing. I think he might  just be ready for to face the Dark One, don't you?

I both agree and disagree with his idea of staying out of the battle. While that will probably be true at the Last Battle--he'll have his hands full facing the DO, so won't have time or power to spare to help the armies--I don't think it's true as a general rule. The Last Battle isn't upon them. Yet. So what's wrong with helping out the Borderlands for as long as possible?

I was sad  that Yoeli died. (It was kind of like losing Ingtar all over again). But I wasn't surprised that Torkumen was a DF. I kind of felt bad for Bashere, as he was his cousin, but still respected him for simply accepting it and moving on. Kind of a sad scene.

8.  Egwene plans an elaborate trap in the World of Dreams.  Do you expect it to be as easy as she imagines it?  Meanwhile, Gawyn has discovered important information in Caemlyn, but refuses to return. Does this strike anyone as a potentially disastrous case of miscommunication?

Sigh. I'm sure Egwene's plans won't be as easy as she hopes. They never are. As for Gawyn, you gotta love people and their egos. I don't entirely blame him for not wanting to run back to Egwene when she asked him--it was kind of arrogant for her to do so--but I also wish he'd get over himself already. Both of them really need to. Could it be disastrous? Potentially. Let's just hope they figure it out before Tarmon Gai'don, rather than after, when it might be too late.

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  1. Slayer is totally cheating by trapping the wolves, and I felt that he was more of a chaotic bad guy, in it for the hunt, etc. So maybe he is under orders to trap and kill as quickly as he can and as many as he can?

    The Dragonmount T'A'R scene was awesome and you are so right - Rand's decisions affect all worlds and all species. I think this scene did a good job of bringing that home to the if only someone could inform the Whitecloaks, the White Tower, the Senachan, the Sea Folk......

    Yep, the arrogance of Gawyn and Egwene is getting pretty thick. Egwene comes from Two Rivers, where the folks in charge also had to clean, cook, do laundry, and occasionally handle something really gross like manure sifting or bug squishing. To her, authority comes from deeds and wisdom, not years of being groomed by authority to take authority (as is the case for Gawyn growing up in a royal household). I don't think either has tried to walk in the other's shoes.

    1. Agreed. On all counts. Thanks Susan! :D Have a Merry Christmas! :D