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The Walking Dead Recap, Episode 5.8: Coda

Episode 8: Coda

Okay, so I'm SO depressed about this episode! This is exactly what I DIDN'T want to have happen and I'm really sad about it. So, sorry if this recap is a bit superficial and shorter than usual. I'm too depressed to do an in-depth analysis.

So we left of last week with one of the hostages, Lambston, rushing Sasha and getting away. We start with him running, still cuffed, and Rick chasing him. Rick gets in one of the cop cars, orders Lambston to stop and when he doesn't, Rick runs him down. This was seriously gross. His back was supposed to be broken, and it looked like it was. Ew.

Rick returns to tell Daryl Lambston is dead, and they wonder about whether the hostage exchange will work now. But the other two hostages still want to cooperate, so they decide to try.

Back at the church, Gabriel has gone to the school (where the Termites cut off Bob's leg). He finds a bible, which has a woman's name in it. I'm thinking it's the woman he knew, who he saw as a walker a few episodes ago at the food bank. 

Then the walkers break out of the school and start to chase him. He runs (stumbles really, as his leg is hurt) back to the church. When he gets there, the herd is on his tail and he doesn't have time to crawl back in the way he came. He runs to the front door and screams to be let in. Michonne has to break open the board they nailed across the door, but she does to let him in. Of course the walkers follow and they all have to go out the way Gabriel originally did, through the floor in the rectory. Idiot. Way to loose everyone (including Baby Judith) their shelter. Anyway, Michonne being Michonne, she traps the walkers inside the church and nails the doors shut from the outside, which solves the problem for the short term. They just don't know what to do next, as they don't have any idea when Rick and the others will be back. 

Just as the walkers start to break down the door from the inside, Abraham, Glen, Maggie and co show up in their truck, which they plant in front of the church doors to keep the walkers inside. (Yeah, they're back!) Michonne explains that the others have gone to get Beth and they all decide to take the fire truck to Atlanta to help.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, we have some development with Dawn and Beth. This kind of bugged me. They were trying really hard to humanize Dawn, but I didn't want her to be humanized. She was better as a villain and the way they were trying to humanize her felt like a justification for all the evil things she's done. Luckily, Beth didn't seem to be fooled. Despite helping Dawn fight off and kill another of the douche bag "officers", Beth really wasn't softening much toward her. Then Carol begins to wake up.

Rick finally approaches two officers outside the hospital, explains that they have two hostages and want to do an exchange. In the hospital, Beth changes out of her scrubs and into the clothes she was wearing last season when she was taken. She's been hiding a pair of scissors underneath her mattress and tucks those into her cast as well. (It took forever to get to this part! The episode really felt like it dragged. I'm sure it's because we just wanted to get to the rescue and it really only happened in the last ten minutes of the episode.) So soon the hospital people, with Beth and Carol (in a wheelchair) stand across from Rick, Daryl, and co. First they swap one of the hostages for Carol, then the other for Beth. All seems to go well. Then Dawn decides to assert her incharge-ness (of course she does) and demands that Noah stay as well. Rick and Daryl both jump to his defense, refusing to make him stay, but things get tense, and Noah says it's okay, that he'll stay. 

Beth runs over and hugs him, and again he says not to worry, that he'll be okay. Dawn says something gloating and Beth glares at her. She walks over to Dawn, says "I get it now" and stabs her in the shoulder/neck with the scissors. Dawn's gun goes off, shooting Beth in the head.

I was so shocked my jaw hung open for like ten minutes. I really didn't think they'd kill her. Or rather, if you remember my prediction from last week, I thought they'd fake kill her. Like she'd be in a car or a room that blew up and the other characters would think her dead, but then she'd be back in the second part of the season. Yeah no. They shot her in the head. They have her body. She's really not coming back from that. *Sobs*

Daryl immediately steps forward and shoots Dawn in retaliation, while the rest of the group cries. Guns are raised, and you think it's about to be a blood bath, but one of Dawn's other cops yells at everyone to stop. Now that Dawn is dead, they aren't interested in killing everyone else. She even invites Rick and co. to stay. He says no, and anyone who wants to come with them is welcome to.

Glen, Maggie and co. show up in time for Rick and co. to come out of the hospital, with Daryl last, carrying Beth. Saddest shot ever! He's crying. She's dead. Maggie sees them and starts crying, falling to the ground. 

Yeah. The end. It sucked! I find it stupid that they did so much development only to kill her off. She and Daryl really didn't even get a reunions. I especially didn't like that it was kind of an accident--a result of Dawn's going off. They couldn't even send her off in a blaze of glory, saving someone's life or something? *Sigh*

Never thought I'd say this, but maybe it's good they'll be on hiatus for two months. I think I'd be too upset to watch more episodes yet. By February, hopefully I'll be over it. And yes, I'm WAY too emotionally invested in this show. But, lots of people are. Or were. There's been a huge outcry online over the death of this character. I think fully half the fan base spent the night sobbing. 

Why do they do this to us?

Anyway, not much more to say. I'll keep watching the show because it's pretty much my favorite thing on TV, but it's gonna take me awhile to get over this.

What did everyone else think of this episode?

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