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Towers of Midnight Read-Along, Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our Towers of Midnight Read-Along! This week we read the Chapters 5-13. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Susan Voss is hosting this week over at Dab of Darkness. Hop on over and check out her answers as well!

Random warder. (Could
be Sleet, right?) Source
1) Gawyn and the Warder Sleet are playing detective over the murdered Aes Sedai. Care to compare them to other literary detectives? Do you think Egwene is correct in thinking a Forsaken is behind the murders? 

I never would have thought to compare them to other literary detectives, and I'm not sure they could come up with great comparisons. They do seem to make a good team, observing in different ways and using one another as sounding boards to hash out what they're picking up on. But neither of them is completely brilliant at playing detective. At best, I think they be the the bumbling (and much hotter) cousins of Sherlock and Watson. Uh, without the English accents as well. :D 

The fact that no one senses channeling before a murder seems to point to the Forsaken, as they are (as far as anyone other than Rand knows) are the only ones who can use the True Power. It's been mentioned that Mesaana is in favor with the DO so she might be using the TP to kill, which keeps anyone from knowing it's happening until the bodies are recovered. So yes, I think Egwene's conclusions are logical.

Graendal (Source)
Graendal was interrupted while reading A Light in the Snow (what genre book do you think that was?) to have a meeting with Moridin, wherein he reveals the book or prophecies. What prophecies do you think the dark side has? And what about the prophecy that Perrin shall die at the bad guys' hands? 

My first thought on genre based on title was romance genre, which might seem fitting given Graendal's obsession with sex appeal. Yet, despite all her disgusting perverseness, Graendal has a shrewd mind. It would be interesting if she was actually reading a scholarly text or some non-fiction for her own edification.

The dark prophecies are probably all very bleak as concerns our beloved characters, I would imagine. (Remember the dark prophecy scrawled on the wall in book 2 talked about Isam and about Rand's blood being spilled on the rocks of Shayol Ghul?) So chances are we wouldn't be big fans of these prophecies. Of course, most prophecies are not entirely literal, so maybe Perrin's death isn't physical. Maybe it will be the death of who he is, as he turns into a wolf? I don't know. Scary stuff to think about as we approach the Last Battle, though.

Did everyone notice how when Moridin put her to the task of finding Perrin, he said he would give her the aid of "the man with two souls."(pg. 119) Looks like there might be a Perrin/Slayer reunion in the making. (Won't that be sweet! :D)

Okay, as you can see, this is technically
Elayne. There are tons of pics of Morgase
as queen, but very few depicting her as
she is later in the series. Because this
dress is plainer than a queen would
wear, this is kind of how I picture Morgase
as a servant. (Source)
Did anyone else get a giggle when Morgase demands of Perrin, 'Do you know my heart?' in regards to her feelings for Talanvor? What did you think of Perrin's & Galad's meeting? How do you think the face off on the field of battle shall go? 

Yeah that whole part was kind of goofy: Perrin deciding they would marry. Morgase getting all indignant and haughty, and hurting poor Tallanvor's feelings yet again. (I feel sorry for the poor guy!) Galad and Perrin's meeting was way interesting. Although I thought the way it was written was a bit askew. It seemed that Galad was truly trying to discern the truth of the situation, and even respected Perrin a bit. But then when it switched back to his POV, he decided Perrin was a darkfriend. Unequivocally. Maybe it's Byar's influence, but I thought it was a little weird. Hopefully they can work things out somehow--battle or otherwise.

Matt fighting golam. (Source)
We run into Mat at the Seven Striped Lass tavern (is that yet another reference to spanking?) and toying with Verin's letter. Later that night he battles the golem. Do you think the threat of the golem will be the thing that forces Mat to open Verin's letter? Teslyn speaks plainly and honestly to Mat, thanking him, and then fights the golem with him. Do you think this will alter his attitude towards Aes Sedai in the future?

Hunting the golem may well bring Mat to open the letter. We'll just have to wait and see. But that's exactly what I thought the first time I read it. This made me like Teslyn more. I somehow doubt it will affect Mat's attitude much, though. He may respect Teslyn herself, but he's had too many bad encounters with Aes Sedai to change his opinion of them as a group as a whole.

So glad Olver's okay, btw. Poor Lopin, though!

Elayne (Source)
Elayne has to make a decision soon about what to do with the captives (those who did not support her). What do you think she should do? Also, she plans to take Cairhein. Do you think this is wise and will be as easy as she thinks it will be? 

I honestly don't know what she should do about the captives. I suck at politicking. No matter what she does there will be risks and it could blow up in her face. I think it's a good idea to take Cairhien, but of course it won't be as easy as she thinks. There will always be obstacles and plenty of factions to challenge her. And on top of that, she's dealing with pregnancy hormones. I don't know whether to feel more sorry for her or those that get in her way.

Rand in the throes of madness. (Source)
6. Rand returns to Tear. Please comment upon his reunion with everyone there such as Min, tam, Nynaeve, Cadsuane, the Aiel, etc. Where do you think Alanna has gone? Who will Rand set Cadsuane to finding? Will Rand be able to meet his toh towards the Maidens and the Aiel in general? 

This was pretty cool. I liked his reunion with Min, and also his amused banter with Nynaeve. I'm glad he finally lifted Cadsuane's banishment. I seriously can't remember many of these details. I don't know who he's looking for in the ?? grass and I can't remember where Alanna went, though I do have some idea where she ends up. :/ I'm sure Rand will meet his toh. This new attitude of his says he'll be all kinds of productive now. :D


Didn't you just love how Mat "never looks at women anymore" but he kept noticing them "for his friends" and/or men. Yeah, everyone who believes that Mat will never look again, stand on their heads. 

And that letter he wrote Elayne! I'd read it before and I was still laughing so hard I was almost crying. :D Gotta love Mat.

Lan (Source)
I'm still loving how men are coming to Lan's banner. Whether he wants them to or not. And it's super interesting that so far, he knows most of them by name. 

Love this little recollection of Galad's, from when Mat kicked him and Gawyn around the White Tower practice yard: "I am aware," Galad said flatly, recalling a particularly embarrassing lesson he'd once been given. (pg. 139)

Loved these lines:

"The world needs unity," Elayne said, standing. "With Cairhien, I begin knitting us all together. Rand already controls Illian and Tear, and has bonds to the Aiel. We're all connected." (pg. 186)

"The Shadow does not need to find me, Min, nor will it ever again. All its eyes are fixed directly upon me, and will be until I blind them." (pg. 193) Anyone else think the highlighted part might be a nod to Tolkien?

"The time when it could silence me quietly--and therefore win--has passed. The confrontation is assured and the scream that begins the avalanche has been sounded. (pg. 193). Cool!

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What did everyone else think of this section?

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  1. 1. I hadn’t considered the use of the True Power . . . but then why would the Sisters be stabbed with a knife rather than tortured horribly somehow? I guess that we will find out eventually, but it seems like the Aes Sedai need to take things a whole lot more seriously and not sit alone in their rooms waiting to be murdered.

    2. Somehow I can’t see Graendal reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” – she would find it far to funny! :D

    I hope that Perrin ‘dies’ as he integrates with his inner wolf . . . I don’t want him to die.

    3. Tallanvor is certainly a glutton for punishment: he must really, REALLY love Morgase to put up with all this bad treatment.

    4. I was surprised by Teslyn’s honest behavior, so I could never blame Mat for seeing her as unusual for an Aes Sedai.

    5. Agreed: politics is somewhat beyond me, so whatever she decides will be a surprise to me! :D

    Mat is, and always will be, a player: he simply can’t help himself!