Monday, August 13, 2012

Stand Out or Fade Away--What Would You Do?

Okay, so loaded question: stand out or fade away?

Let's say some kind of dire situation takes place in the world. You know, aliens invade, there's a nuclear holocaust, WWIII (with WMDs, EMPs, and lots of other fun, civilization-annihilating weapons, of course) or some other as yet unforeseen disaster takes place.

Then let's say, in the post-apocalyptic aftermath, with hundreds of vacant cities, millions of unburied bodies, and roving gangs as the only poor substitute for law and order, you stumble upon a way to keep yourself and your surviving loved ones safe. This thing would give you security, protection, and even help to push away the heartache of the world.

It would make living, moving forward, getting out of bed in the morning, easier. It would mean the hole in your chest and the ache in your gut, put there by the things and people you've lost and know you can never regain, will finally feel better. You're heart might even feel light again.

Would you do this thing?

Of course you would! Why not?

Well, there's a catch.

This thing you can do is to become part of a collective, to link your mind to hundreds of others, "like so many lines of needlework." And what is the down side?

Loss of individuality.

Your emotional hurts may be tempered, but that doesn't mean they'll heal. Your emotions will be greatly mediated, but at what cost?

So what, you say. I'll receive safety, security, a community of hundreds of minds working together. That can't be bad, right?

On it's own, no. But at the cost of original thought, speech, free enterprise, and human emotion? To loose the right to excel, expand your mind, or be beautiful? You tell me.

What would you choose? Security in a terrifying world, or individuality?

Stand out, or fade away...?
Persistence of Vision, Book 1 of Interchron. Winter, 2012.


  1. Sounds scary, like being assimilated by the Borg.

  2. I don't even like being around lots of people now I can't imagine having my mind linked with all of them. Stand out baby ;).


    1. Awesome answer! :D Thanks for stopping by!