Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Write Club 2012

Write Club is an awesome contest being hosted by Cruising Altitude. It's a contest where anyone can submit a writing sample (see official rules for how) and the only criteria is that it not exceed 500 words. It can be any format or genre. Each week, DL randomly chooses two samples, which go head to head. In other words, he posts both samples, and readers vote on them. Winners go on to future rounds and eventually, after twelve weeks, there will be twelve finalists. They will keep going head to head until the winner of this year's 2012 Write Club is found!

Cool, eh? One of the rules about Write Club is that you HAVE to talk about Write Club--uh, that is, you have to promote it on your blog, FB page, or other social media site. So, this is me doing just that. I'm going to submit a writing sample under an original pen name. I'd encourage everyone to do the same! This is a great way to get your writing in front of people and get some feedback. Because it's anonymous, if your writing sample sucks, no one will ever know! How often can you say that in this industry? :D

Even if writing isn't your thing, hop over to Cruising Altitude and vote. The writing samples are great and the voting is fun! (Keep in mind you have to put your name in the Linky List even if you're just voting!

Hope to see ya all there! Vote for me! (Just kidding. You won't know which one's mine.) What I meant was, vote for the best one! :D


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    1. Me too! And I submitted a piece, but not until yesterday, so I don't know if I'll make it onto the site, but here's hoping! :D