Monday, August 20, 2012

Five Reasons You WANT to Be Drugged in Vegas

1) Despite a year of agony, trying to figure out what went wrong and what happened to you during your lost time, a year later a hot guy may show up to tell you he's from the future and that he desperately needs your help.

2) You'll get to Travel through time and get a glimpse of the earth's future.

3) You'll get to learn the history of things to come and meet a team of individuals who are fighting for the freedom of humanity.

4) The team will teach you how to use your super-brain powers, including unparalleled Offensive energy.

5) You may fall in love with the brooding, serious team Healer, who remembers you and knows you personally, though you don't remember him at all. (Okay, maybe that would be less than pleasant, but still...)

Stand out or fade away...
Yeah, you definitely want to get drugged in Vegas...

Persistence of Vision--Slated for release winter 2012.