Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday Thoughts for Writing Inspiration

Good morning and Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a phenomenal weekend. I was actually very productive this weekend. Quite proud of myself.

So just a quick thought this morning. Last week I was watching a film with my brothers and something came into my mind. And the funny thing is that it really had nothing at all to do with what I watching. It was sparked by the film, but was completely unrelated to the plot and themes of the film. (Ah the magic of inspiration.)

So the thought was just this: 
This is what people do. They find like-minded people, get together and find ways to express themselves. Even if the powers that be say the can't or try to stop them, they'll find some other way, some other place to do it.
Probably sounds very random to most people, but I've had my dystopian saga, Interchron, on the brain lately, and I'm sure what this turn of thought was about. I'm currently working on my crime fiction series, but next month I'll get back to Interchron. I'll probably find a way to incorporate this thought into the story.

It was just my latest random inspiration, so I thought I'd share it. Remember, such things can come from absolutely anywhere.

Where did your latest, most random inspiration come from?

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