Thursday, January 19, 2017

Friday Funnies, Follow Friday & Week in Review

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                                     Week in Review

Words Written: Only about 3,000 this week. Realized I have a lot of things to fix having to do with my website and email list. Just logistical things, but I've been prioritizing them this week. 

Books Read: Finished The Charge, but still working on American Gods. In good shape for my reading goals.

Short Story: Yeah, not much progress there. Unfortunately. ;D


Welcome to Friday Funnies! Because everyone needs a good laugh on Friday.

Cheesy joke, but still made me smile.
Too cute. Source

Feature and Follow Friday

This week's question: What Movie from Book coming out in 2017 are you most excited about? 

I think I'm gonna have to go with Stephen King on this one. A new adaptation of IT will be out this year, as well as a film based on book 1 of The Dark Tower. I genuinely hope they do a good job on both and am excited for both.

IT is an amazing book. Even if King's genre isn't your favorite, he's a masterful story teller and IT is the quintessential example of his work. They did a TV mini series in the '80s. I'm sure it was fine for that era but watching it now is just lame. I hope they do the book justice this year.

I haven't read The Gunslinger in years, but it's a very abstract book. With Matthew McConaughy and Idris Elba set to star...yeah, I'm super excited. Might have to re-read it before seeing the film, tho.

Just to change directions, I'm also excited for the next Chronicles of Narnia film: The Silver Chair. One of my favorite Chronicles. Just sayin'. ;D

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How has your writing week been? Do you make these faces when reading/writing? ;D


  1. I'm covering my eyes regarding It! Never read that one or saw the original movie/mini series (if I recall correctly)! The very idea of a killer clown already terrifies me. No need to see it played out! LOL! Hope you enjoy these movies!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. I'm really glad they are doing another Narnia story. There's such a gap since the last one, I was worried they'd given up.