Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blogging Tips, Friday Funnies and Week in Review

Scroll down for both #FFs. ;D

                                     Week in Review

Words Written: 6204. Better than last week. Not as many as I wanted, but meh. I'm happy with it. :D Moving right along. I actually think I've written more words this past month than in the last...I don't even know...3-6 mos combined. *does creepy author dance*

Books Read: Still haven't finished American Gods, but making progress. I have five days to finish! ;D

Short Story: Yeah, didn't even touch the short story. :/

Welcome to Friday Funnies! Because everyone needs a good laugh on Friday.

Feature and Follow Friday

This week's question: What are some tips that help you with blogging? 

I think my number one tip would be to just be yourself and not overthink it. Treat your blog (kind of) like a journal. Not necessarily a personal one, but a journal about whatever your blog focuses on. I've taken to sometimes just posting about rambling thoughts I've had in the past week, strange ideas that I realize I can incorporate into my writing. These posts tend to be short and not at all thought out, but sometimes they get way more hits than the ones I do think and plan out. People are most inspired by genuine, human thoughts, I've found. So just be yourself and don't overthink it. ;D

How does #FF work?
--The goal is to increase blog followers, make friends, and have something to post.
--You create your own post using the weekly question.
--You leave your link and thumbnail in the linky list that links back to your post (visit
--Once you have your post up and linked, visit other posts and them them hi. FOLLOW them, don't just comment.
--If you especially like a post or just want to show appreciation, like the blogger name on the linky list.
--The person with the most likes gets chosen as the next Feature.
--You must follow the weekly featured blogger.

How has your writing week been? Do you make these faces when reading/writing? ;D


  1. Nice advice!! I find that I don't have too many random real life posts. Something I've been trying to work on this year with a discussion post challenge!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Sounds like an interesting challenge. Good luck with it! Thanks Jessica! ;D

  2. Good advice. I just blog about what interests me.
    That's a big mouthful, Mr. Rabbit.

    1. Yeah, you'd think blogging about what interests you would be obvious, but so many bloggers try to blog about what they think others would be interested in, and then their posts fall flat. If you're passionate about something, it will always find an audience, and you of all people can attest to that, right? Thanks Alex! ;D

  3. Good advice. In the last year I think I wrote two posts specifically about life things, which I hadn't done before, and they were viewed and interacted with much more.