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Words of Radiance Read-Along, Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of our Words of Radiance Read-Along! This week we read chapters 40-48. Sue over at Cookies, Coffee and Chili Peppers is hosting this week. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers so read at your own risk!

1. Sebarial and Palona seem to be quite good fun. Do you accept them at face value, or are they playing a much deeper political game? Are you concerned that Jasnah’s intelligence on them seems to have been wrong?

It's hard to say, yet. For one, Sebarial isn't as brutishly dumb as I expected. If he's sincere and not putting on an act or anything, he may prove more of an ally--perhaps even a friend--to Shallan than I originally thought. I genuinely hope they're...genuine. Like you say, they're fun, and I really want to like them. :D

2. When Kal finally works out how to alter gravity, he sees a shadowy world with a distant sun. Is this Shadesmar, or do you think that there is yet another parallel world in this universe?

That was my first thought--that it was Shadesmar. It makes sense. You would think anyone with Radiant powers who have access to it somehow. I suppose it could be a different parallel world as well. It just depends on how Shallan and Kaladin's powers differ, and we don't know enough about them yet to tell for sure.

3. Renarin has demanded to be trained with the other Bridgecrews. Am I the only one to find him unbearably cute? Do you think that Kal can eventually train him to be partially competent with his Shards?

I hope so! I hope Kaladin and Renarin become besties! I always feel sympathy for Renarin because he seems so isolated from everyone around him, but he seems to have a good heart. I really want him to find a place to fit in, and I think Kaladin's band of misfits may be just the thing. I also think he could help smooth the waters between Kaladin and Andolin, and give Kaladin an inside track on what's happening with Dalinar. 

4. Shallan has learnt how to use her Surgebinding to adopt disguises. What did you think of her meeting with the Ghostbloods? Do you think that she can fool them successfully long enough to discover anything? Any ideas on why they want to remove Amaram?

That meeting was nerve-wracking. I've said it before: Shallan is definitely gutsy. She really held her own in a scary situation. I don't know how long she can keep up the farce, though. It was mostly luck and great acting this first time. The minute they ask her something she or Tyn should know, she's caught. Of course, Shallan is pretty resourceful. If anyone can pull it off, she can. 

Not sure what they have against Amaram. Maybe they have an idea of his true nature (as Kaladin does)?

5. Ok, so I was wrong: sorry, Elhokar, for assuming that you had made another rubbish attempt at a fake assassination. Were you surprised that Moash was involved in such an organized conspiracy? Do you agree with the ‘patriots’ and what do you think Kal should do about them?

I was disappointed that Moash was involved, though I suppose it was only a matter of time before Kaladin saw opposition from within his own ranks. After talking to the patriots, I'm less judgemental of Moash. Not that I agree with the assassins, but they obviously believe in what they're doing, and they really aren't fanatics. They actually seem quite grounded.

No idea what Kaladin should do about them. He's in such a tough spot, now. I sat thinking about it after reading that chapter. What would I do? Yeah, no idea.

6. We are seeing much more of Shallan’s family life. Can someone explain why nobody has killed her father yet? Also, is anyone concerned about the girl that Nan Balat has his eye on: will he become a wife-beater himself?

I think perhaps the reason no one has taken him out is that, as Shallan says over and over again, he was once a good person. They were once happy. Probably they all remember that and harbor some small belief that he can return to who he was. Besides, if the change was very gradual, it becomes a frog-in-boiling-water situation.

I hadn't thought about Nan Balat's girl. A valid point, though. And another one: if I'm understanding, he's the heir. The title 'nan' was transferred to him when the older brother was disowned. Wouldn't that mean that whoever he marries will probably have to be brought into the household? Poor girl.

7. Any guesses about the identity of the messenger who speaks to Shallan at the fair? Also, what do you make from the sections of the Words of Radiance that are included at the beginning of the chapters?

It occurred to me it might be Wit. He was the only one I thought of. He seemed to know things and sort of spoke in riddles. I really like the excerpts from Words of Radiance. They're evocative and beautifully written. As for their relevance to the story, I can't make heads or tails of them.


I still love how Shallan and Pattern's relationship is progressing. And I can't wait to see how Shallan is going to "woo" Andolin. Somehow, I think it might be hysterical!

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  1. I think Kal saw Shadesmar too. It could be a pretty big place. So, why not?

    I like the idea of Renarin and Kaladin becoming friends, and through that friendship, Kaladin learning to trust Dalinar more, and Dalinar and Adolin learning to trust Kaladin more. It's a little like bromance. ;)

    I'm a little afraid that if Moash doesn't get Kaladin's assistance, or at least his 'ignorance' of the situation, then Moash may reveal some of Kal's secrets. And we all know he doesn't feel ready for that yet.

    Ah, yes. Just how will Shallan employ her feminine wiles on Adolin? I except giggling too.

    1. Yeah. Good point about Moash. Really want to trust him because he's one of Kaladin's buddies, but I worry about he'll take Kal's rejection of his assassin friends. :/

  2. You can never completely trust Mr Sanderson can you. I also want to like Sebarial and hope that we can take him as he seems - but then, I also wanted to trust and like Tyn and we all know how that went.
    I think you've put that very well - I think Renarin will fit in with Kaladin and his men because he's also a misfit looking to belong.
    Lynn :D