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Winter's Heart Read-Along, Week 2

Perrin and Faile (Source)
1) What did everyone make of the Shaido's treatment of Faile, Maighdin, Alliandre, Bain, Chiad, Lacile, and Arrela during the march through the snow? Harsh? As expected? 

Both. Yes, kind of harsh, but not out of keeping with what we know of the Aiel and the Wise Ones. It's a bit different because there's snow on the ground, but it also must be kept in mind that the Aiel don't know anything about snow. Though they're obviously tough enough to run miles in snow as easily as on dry ground, they'll probably be truly shocked when some of them end up with mild frostbite. They'll be so confused!
Lol. No idea what's up with this pic, but
thought it was funny. (Source)
Faile and crew meet the Shaido Wise Ones (Therava & Someryn) and also the Aes Sedai Galina. What do you think of the Wise Ones speaking so openly of Sevanna's orders? Will Galina be of any help to Faile?

I don't know that I'd be very trusting of Galina. She openly admitted that she'd help them only if they helped her. She'd throw them all under the bus as soon as it served her purpose. I totally think Faile she use Galina where she can, but just not totally trust her. 

As for them speaking openly of Sevanna's orders, I think Sevanna's too cocky to do anything about that, even if she heard them talking. Of course, just because Sevanna's an idiot doesn't mean she's not dangerous. I worry Faile will end up getting caught between the crazy Aiel woman and the desperate Aes Sedai. And we know Sevanna's messing with the Forsaken as well. Faile needs to be more careful than she knows.
Berelain (Source)
It seems that Berelain is taking advantage of Faile's absence and Perrin's fatigue. Where do you think her flirtations will take her? Given the chance, what would you do with her at this point? 

So far, she hasn't been successful at seducing Perrin. He's very devoted to Faile and I doubt she'll find anymore success now, even with Faile temporarily (we hope) out of the picture. I thought it was downright ridiculous that she was offended when Perrin wouldn't confide in her after all that's happened. As in, really?

Hm. What would I do with her? Cruel though it might be, I'd really love to stuff her in a trunk, like what happened to Rand, just so we don't have to see or hear her for a few days. What a relief the silence and lack of cleavage would be!
4) They are on the hunt! Talanvor left on his own to pursue the Shaido hours ahead of Perrin and crew. Perrin had to chastise the Cha Faile for their spying activities. The Asha'men want to lead the charge. Add to that, Masema offering to assist. Will Perrin's anger explode? How can this hunt possibly be derailed?

Lol. Poor Perrin! We knew this was all coming to a head. I don't envy him in the least trying to juggle all these factions and keep them from coming to blows. Wouldn't surprise me if he's a little less sane when this is all over. I know where this is going, so I won't make predictions, but even if Perrin is only a man who can only be pushed so far, he is also ta'veren, and that should help, even if it also makes his uneasiness grow. :D
Not sure I'm a fan of this pic of Elayne.
It's a little too...Berelain for my taste.
What do you guys think? (Source)
5) The men escorting Naean and Elenia were ambushed and killed outside Caemlyn. What do you think this portends? Will Elayne be able to unite the houses behind her or is this move the first of several by houses against her? Should the ladies be more concerned about defenses instead of clothing? 

I think it just shows that the road to the throne, as we've said before, is going to be long and dangerous. She's going to have a lot to deal with along the way. 

Of course the ladies should be concerned with more than clothing, but I kind of like that they talk about this. Let's face it: frivolous or not, lots of girls care about clothes, and it's probably a nice respite from all the other worries Elayne has. It just makes them human.

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  1. Good point about Aiel and frostbite. Maybe Faile and crew will be able to garner a bit of trust by treating the Shaido's frostbite? After all, the Aiel don't know how to treat it.

    That could be quite messy - Faile sandwiched between Sevanna (and her Forsaken) and Galina. And while I want Faile to come out OK (for Perrin's sake), her pride might make that hard to do.

    Haha! Yes, why would Perrin confide in Berelain? I think this scene shows she is a bit of a nitwit, no matter how good a job she does as a small country ruler.

    Elayne is definitely a little more endowed in the cleavage department than I pictured her from the books' descriptions. Though I can see her throwing some poses in front of a mirror, or Rand if she ever gets him alone again!