Monday, April 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday--Attention Grabbing Words


Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! This is my first year participating. Basically, we post every day except Sunday, which in April means we'll finish on the 30th. We blog about something each day which starts with the corresponding letter of the alphabet. So, day 1=A, day 2=B, etc. Visit the A to Z blog for more details.

My theme is writing and related bookish things. A pretty vague theme, I'll admit, but as this is a writing/bookish blog, I thought I'd clarify. 

Today's letter: Z

Z is for Zombie craze.

Z is another letter that NO literary or bookish terms start with. at least none that I could find. So, I went with zombie. We all know that zombie books are the some of the hottest ones on the market. Like dystopian, it's a genre that's taken off over the past few years. 

I've even argued before that zombie apocalypse is just a sub-genre of dystopian. So why are we so drawn to these stories in our current society? There could be many reasons, but, like dystopian, I think it has to do with us being obsessed with the fall of our civilization. There are so many things wrong with the world today, so many things we are condoning, that most people can just see it falling apart at some point.

Zombies, like most action-movie bad guys, are black and white. They're evil, ugly, putrid, and it's totally okay to kill them, which gives us something tangible to fight against. It's something readers crave because it's so much easier to deal with than the shades of real life. In other words, it's cathartic. I would argue, though, that all great fiction has this effect on it's readers.

So, fight on zombie hunters! Fight on!

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

Each week we will post a new Top Ten list  that one of our bloggers here at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All we ask is that you link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

Top Ten Words/Topics That Instantly Make Me Buy/Pick Up A Book

Such a great topic! I love all things dystopian, medieval, and crime, so most of my keywords revolve around those.

10. Serial killers

9. Castles

8. Detectives

7. Medieval

6. Crusades

5. Dystopia

4. Assassins


3. Forbidden Love

2. Knights

1. Dragons


How about you? What are your top ten attention grabbing words?


  1. I do believe that zombies are the new sparkly vampires. But just think how scary the 2020s could be if everything is about evil, mutant Facebook cats!

  2. I'm with you and serial killers! I wish I could be into anything medieval, but since that's my area of research-I want to fact check everyone! LOL

    Jess @ Literary, etc

  3. I think marketing has a lot to do with it, too... one comic book hero hits it big and suddenly everyone wants a piece of that fiscal pie!

    Hm... top ten attention getting words... interesting idea...

    1. Dragons (right there with you)
    2. Princesses (not the Disney kind... but I apparently never outgrew princesses, and probably never will)
    3. Magic
    4. Kings
    5. Knights
    6. Quests
    7. Swords
    8. Vampires
    9. Space ships
    10. Stars

    hm... my own writing is suddenly making a lot more sense! hahaha

    Congrats on finishing the A-Z!

  4. Great list for this week's TTT! I should've mentioned knights on my list...something like it usually attracts my attention as well for books...

    My TTT

  5. LOVE the pics you've included with your list. I think your list is awesome too. Dragons are definitley awesome.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. I can only handle dragons in small doses, but when they're done well? Amazing. Dragons for the Khaleesi!

  7. That's true - no one feels guilty killing a zombie.
    Spaceships get my attention.

  8. Zombie is definitely an attention grabber! Thanks for following me @ The Key to the Gate! I am a new follower of your blog on GFC as well. Have a great week!
    Happy Reading,
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate