Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review: Into the Still Blue by Veronica Roth

I was so glad to finally be able to read the third and final installment of this trilogy. I loved the first two books and have been looking forward to reading Into the Still Blue for some time.

Plot: Into the Still Blue picks up where book 2 left off. Aria and Perry have lost a lot, including friends and family. They're surrounded by enemies and trying to find a way into the peace of the Still Blue. It's hard to describe the plot without giving spoilers, especially for those who haven't read the first two books, so I'll just say it's more of the same. But I don't mean that in a bad way. The story goes where you want to see it go and we get more adventures with this world's favorite power couple. :D

Characters: I liked that the characters stayed very true to themselves and each other. The two main characters, even more than the world are what makes this trilogy worth reading. Book 3 does not disappoint in this regard.

Writing: As always, Roth's writing is very good. I always kind of wish that her imagery was a bit more vivid. I can always visualize the action, but not always the setting. That said, her writing is easy to read and you just fly through it.

Ending: I won't spoil, but I thought this was a very fitting ending to the trilogy as a whole. I didn't see any glaring holes or spot any major elements that were unresolved. I was highly satisfied with how it ended. More so, I will say, with how the Divergent series resolved. This just fit.

Overall: Okay, one thing I will say is that I had a hard time getting back into the story. I don't think this had anything to do with the story itself or the characters or the writing. It was just me. Perhaps if I had re-read the first two books (I really didn't have time) to re-familiarize myself with the story, it would have been better. As it was, I just couldn't get super-excited about the final installment of this series, despite how good it was. But I have a hard time with most YAs anyway, and I think I was just kind of over it. But if you like YA, if you liked the first two books, if you're big on dystopian, you'll probably love it. I really liked it, but it wasn't my favorite.

Has anyone else read Into the Still Blue? What did you think of it?


  1. I haven't read it, but it sounds like a fun way to pass the time.

  2. I still haven't read Veronica's books but I've heard so many good things about them that maybe is time I give them a go.
    Ruty @Reading...Dreaming

    1. You should! I'm sure you'd love them. Thanks Ruty! :D