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A Memory of Light Read-Along, Week 4

Welcome to week 4 of our A Memory of Light Read-Along! This week we read Chapters 15-21. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk. Susan of Dab of Darkness is hosting today. Hop on over to check out her answers as well.

1) Mat and Tuon finally consummate their marriage. Do you think it was all Mat hoped for? Will Tuon's ideas for him in her empire pan out? Tuon gets to keep her damane: how do you think Mat will deal with or adjust to this in time?

I thought this whole part was pretty funny. Mat seemed to enjoy himself, and I loved how he was all embarrassed the next day. You'd think someone who sleeps around so much wouldn't be so bashful about it. Tuon's plans for him sound grand, but Mat has a way of putting his own twist on other people's plans for him. Too bad the series is ending soon. I wouldn't mind a book all about Mat and Tuon's married exploits. Let's hope they can temper each other. Maybe he can actually help her see reason where the damane are concerned.

2) Rand and Tuon have their meeting. Feel free to comment away! Also, Mat and Rand have a quiet little bragging contest. What other characters would you enjoy seeing in a bragging contest? 

 I loved the bragging contest. So funny! This whole section made me smile, both because they seemed like their old selves from the Two Rivers, and also because some things never change. Guys will always try to out-do one another. I think all the characters should brag. Not that it would ever happen, but it would be funny to see our ladies brag. Nynaeve vs. Egwene vs. Elayne, perhaps? Or maybe get Rand's three girls together. That would be interesting. LOL.

3) Lan's battle continues, though he has to give ground. What do you think about his conversation concerning female warriors? Taim has shown his face at Lan's front; does that change your mind on who might finally get to kill this baddie?

The female warrior discussion was kind of interesting. I'm just glad to be in Lan's thoughts. We didn't get much from his POV throughout the series. It'd be cool if Lan got to kill Taim, although I think it would be more fitting for Rand to do it. Of course, we've got to give Lan something uber-awesome to do, right? *wink, wink*

Agelmar (Source)
4) Do you think there is any significant Dark Friend left in Rand's forces, in disguise/hiding? Lan was asked to keep an eye on Aglemar and Aviendha doesn't care for Al'salam. Is it just so many cultures being thrown together? Or do we have reason to be suspicious of something darker?

Dark friends left? I'd say yes. I'm sure there are still some in the ranks. But not necessarily significant ones. Of course that doesn't mean they can't do any damage. I remember reading this the first time and just couldn't figure out where they were going with the Agelmar thing. Now Bryne has started to mention similar things to Siuan. Mistakes he really shouldn't have made. Like what does that even mean? I'll just say that if it's being mentioned, it's significant.

5) In a short conversation with Egwene and Gawyn, Rand reveals that he is Galad's half-brother and that the seals are fakes. Which do you think caused Gawyn more grief? Who do you think switched the seals and for what purpose?

Probably the part about how Rand is related to his family. He wanted to all out murder Rand for so long, that's got to be disconcerting. I won't say much about the seals either, although this was kind of a bone-headed mistake. Given that one of the major issues is if and when to break the seals, you'd think Rand would have been a bit more careful.

6) Bashere and Elayne are trying to outmaneuver 2 armies of trollocs. Meanwhile, Egwene's forces are routed by the sudden appearance of the Sharran army. Will the forces of good be able to recover prior to Rand's duel with the Dark One? Any 'in retrospect' comments concerning the Sharrans? Did you see that coming?

I know I didn't see it coming. I mean, all through the series, I wondered if Jordan would touch on Shara at all or if we'd see any part of their country, but here, in the last novel, it just didn't occur to me that they'd show up.

As for the forces of the light, I said last week that they were following the same patterns as the forces of the Light under Lews Therin, and that's still true. I think they'll rally, but I also think it'll get much worse before it gets better.

Red Ajah (Source)
7) Lorella Aes Sedai and the rest of the Reds hanging around outside the Black Tower insist on Bonding their promised 47 male Channelers. Egwene has sent riders to fetch them back in order to send them to Lan. Are we about to see the moment the purpose of the Reds changes? Do you think Pevara and Ardol have shared the double Bonding technique with the male Channelers?

Could be. If Pevara can influence her Ajah at all, this could definitely signal the turning point for them. I don't know if they have shared it, but they definitely should.


We got our answer to the Bair question and undoubtedly this will also influence the future of the Aiel. I thought the whole Egwene saying goodbye to the Wise Ones and T'A'R' in general was very sad. Made me nostalgic.

I love that Amys is in Thakandar with Aviendha and Rhuarc. Three bada** Aiel are probably the best people to be scouting there.

Who loves Mat's new clothes? Who totally wishes Robert Jordan had done pictures of them? :D (Totally couldn't find a picture of him in the Seanchan robes, but I'll keep looking.)

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  1. If all 3 of Rand's ladies got together for bragging contest, I am not sure their friendly relationship would survive!

    I am sure Lan will get to do something magnificent before the end of the book....I just hope it won't be the death of him.

    I hadn't drawn the connection between Agelmar and Bashere. Maybe the DO has more than just cracks in the ground, legions of monsters, and bubbles of evil - maybe he can now affect the concentration of some of the good guys. Or perhaps he has the Dark Side equivalent of ta'veren and those individuals are affecting peoples actions.

    Haha! Mat and his new clothes! That was such a funny scene. And he is getting use to the docavaile not wearing much.

    1. Right? The three ladies would definitely be an entertaining (and deadly) scene. As for Lan doing something magnificent...all in good time, Grasshopper. All in good time. :D

  2. I also loved these chapters. As for Rands ladies. Calling it a pissing contest I think is just for guys but all three have major egos. Min is the most humble. Avienda could claim first bedding rights on Rand. And then Elaine is the queen of the whole freakin world! Wow! Hopefully it doesn't come to that. Dark friends among the ranks? Of course. You don't have to be an official dark friend to mess things up. Also, the dark side has some major strategies/weapons, etc that will really put a wrench in the gears.

    1. Yeah, the thing about girls is that a pissing contest ALWAYS turns into a cat fight. It would be interesting, if deadly. :D Can't wait to get to the REALLY good stuff now. :D