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The Walking Dead Recap, Episode 5.7: Crossed

Episode 7: Crossed

So, we start out seeing Sasha splitting wood. With a vengeance. She's using an ax to cut up the wooden pews in the church, and attacking them as though they're wild animals. Tyrese and Daryl watch her from a distance. Daryl asks if she's okay, to which Ty replies that she's not. (We actually don't see Noah come out of the woods after Daryl, or the two of them swap stories with Rick and co. Understandable, given how little time they have in each episode, but it still would have been nice to see.) They're using the wood and the pipe organs to fortify the church. Rick, Daryl, Noah, Sasha, and Ty will go to Atlanta while Michonne will stay behind with Carl, Judith, and Father Gabriel. (Grhh! I wanted Michonne to go!)

Fortifying Church Source
Michonne actually volunteers to go, letting Rick stay with his kids, but Rick says he wants to go. He feels like he owes Carol more than the rest of the group does. After they leave, Michonne and Carl bar the door, and Father Gabriel starts scratching at the blood on the floor. First with his fingernails (ew) and then with rags and such, as though trying to scrub it out. 

Gabriel scrubs blood on floor. Source
As they travel back to the city, Ty tries to talk to Sasha, telling her that he of all people knows what she's going through, and Bob wouldn't want her to be unhappy. His words fall on deaf ears, as Sasha clearly isn't ready to hear them yet.

In the hospital, Beth checks on Carol.

Maggie, Glen and co. pick up their story right where it left off in their last episode. Eugene is still unconscious on the ground, and Maggie is afraid to move him. Abraham still kneels in the road, looking back the way they've come. And now they're out of water. Rosita tries to offer Abraham water, but he slaps the bottle away. When she yells at him, he jumps to his feet as though he will attack her, and Maggie pulls her gun on him, saying to back down or she'll put him down. A tense staring contest follows, but Abraham finally sits back down. 

Rick and co. reach Atlanta and go into a warehouse to hatch a plan. Rick wants to get in and out quietly, before Dawn and co. even know they're there. Ty suggests that instead of killing as they go, they take a few of Dawn's cops captive and attempt a straight-across trade. He believes everyone will live that way. (I love you, Tyrese, but when does that ever happen!?) Daryl agrees with Tyrese, though, saying they should try the hostage trade. 

Rescue plan. Source
Back at the church, Carl tells Gabriel to choose a weapon and they can teach him to use it. He's reluctant, but finally picks up the machete. Rather than start training, though, he says he needs to go lie down. 

In the hospital, Beth hears Dawn giving one of her cops orders concerning Noah. They believe he's in the city close by and she orders them to keep looking for him. Then the cop says Carol is in bad shape and wonders why they are wasting resources trying to save her. Beth immediately jumps to Carol's defense (though she obviously hasn't told anyone she already knows Carol) yelling at the cop about how he charges his DVD player every day and that takes tons of resources. Dawn gets nervous that Beth is yelling at the cop and she cuts Beth off, telling the cop that he's right and to tell Dr. Edwards to take Carol off the machines. As soon as he leaves, she tells Beth that by doing that, she just got Carol killed. She has to keep her cops happy because the balance is very fragile. (Leadership 101, Dawn. That's called letting your people push you around. It's the opposite of leadership.)

Then Dawn does something weird. She tells Beth that she can save Carol. She gives her the key to the drug cabinet and says she doesn't even trust Edwards with it. When Beth asks why Dawn is giving the key to her, Dawn says Beth proved to her that she was strong. I don't know what Dawn's game is in giving Beth that key, but there has to be a catch, right?

Source -- Both

Back with Maggie and Glen and co, it's decided that Glen, Tara, and Rosita will go find some water, while Maggie stays with the truck, Eugene, and Abraham. Maggie uses a ladder from the truck and a blanket to cover Eugene. (Good thinking. My first thought when she didn't want to move him was that leaving him there wasn't smart. No matter how hurt he is, sun stroke is only going to make things worse.) She tells Abraham to get over himself, that it will never be any better than this. Meanwhile, as Glen and the girls head toward the river, they has some walkers trapped under a fallen telephone pole, and Tara makes a joke about them not getting up. The other two don't think it's funny, but Tara defends Eugene, saying he used the one skill he had (manipulation) to stay alive, and should they really judge him for it. (For what it's worth, I kind of agree with Tara. Yes, there's something to be said for the fact that Eugene was deceptive, and that's hard to swallow, and dangerous for people who need to be able to trust one another. But they all go around talking about how they've all had to do terrible things to survive, and being utterly unapologetic about it. How is what Eugene did any different?)

When they reach the river, the water is so thick and dirty, it's nearly undrinkable. Rosita shows them how to filter it using a trick Eugene taught her. They also realize there are fish in the river, and return to the telephone-pole walkers to rip some netting off their clothes (or maybe it was tent or something? I couldn't tell) to catch the fish. Tara even finds a backpack with some kind of as-yet-un-revealed treasure in it. (As in, you'll never guess what's in this bag, but I'm not gonna tell the viewers until next week. Muah-hah-hah.) We also get a brief glimpse of how Abraham and Rosita met. (In Texas. And much as when they first met Glen, Abraham saw that she was skilled at killing walkers and all-around survival and asked for her help. Apparently Rosita had never felt valued in that way before and agreed to go with him. The rest is history.)

In the hospital, Beth asks Dr. Edwards what medicine he would give Carol if, hypothetically, Dawn would allow him to. He guesses that Beth has the key, and tells her Dawn wouldn't give it to her out of the goodness of her heart. But, eventually he relents, telling her to give Carol a slow drip of epinephrine to wake her up, and even saying good luck. (Now, I'm not entirely sure I'd trust Edwards here. The last time he told Beth to give a patient medicine, that patient died, and Edwards did it on purpose. Granted, he has no reason to kill Carol. Her survival couldn't possibly threaten him--that we know of--but still.)

In the city, Dawn's cops finally zero in on Noah and the "gunshot." They take him hostage before realizing there are no walkers around for him to have been shooting at. By then it's too late. Rick and co. surround them and take them hostage. Unfortunately, a third cop in a car shows up and tries to rescue his comrades. They all make it into his car and drive away, but Sasha manages to shoot out their tire, and they run away on foot. Rick and co. follow, all except Daryl who hears something and hangs out to see what it was. Now, this particular part of the city is full of mostly-immobile walkers who are melted into the pavement. Apparently they're the result of when the city got napalmed, which Lori and Shane watched from a distance back in season 2. These walkers are D-scust-ing! They're all fleshy and melty and coming out of melted, half-drive puddles of goo on the pavement. *shudders*

Ew. Source
So, the driver/third cop jumps Daryl and they wrestle on the pavement. This dude outweighs Daryl by a hefty amount, and despite Daryl's awesomeness, the fight isn't going well for him. He keeps trying to grab for something to hit the cop with, but they're surrounded by the melty-walkers. Daryl keeps grabbing for one of them, and nearly gets his fingers bitten off for his trouble. Finally, he puts his fingers through the walker's eyes, gripping it's head like a bowling ball and yanks the spine right out of it. The spinal cord moves around as he smashes the cop in the head with the walker skull. It works, and he finally gets the upper hand, though it's all kinds of gross. Then Rick shows up and holds the cop at gun point, allowing Daryl to get up. Rick gets that half-crazed look in his eye, and we kind of figure this cop is toast. But Daryl speaks up, telling Rick to let him live. That three hostages are better than two. And Rick relents. 

Source (All)
In another warehouse, the hostages suddenly become very cooperative, saying that they don't like Dawn and one of them--a sergeant Lambston--should be the leader. Lambston says Rick can make the hostage trade work, but he has to know how to talk Dawn into it, and he starts giving Rick pointers. He seems very believable, and Rick listens to him. 

At the church, Michonne, checks on Gabriel, who doesn't want to let her into his office. She tells him she knows he's having a hard time, but everything they have to do is worth it. She's genuinely concerned about him, but he's being weird. After she leaves, he goes back into his room, where he's using the machete to pry up floorboards. Eventually, he escapes through the floor. He gets all of one step from the church and hurts himself by stepping on a nail. He pulls it out and runs into the woods anyway, where he encounters a walker. He manages to put it down, but still doesn't kill it when he could have because he sees that it's wearing a cross. Okay, what is up with this guy? Why leave decent people who can keep you safe to go out into the woods by yourself, when you don't even know how to kill walkers. Like, what is he doing? What's his plan? *Sigh*

Gabriel heading off alone. Source
Back at the hospital, Beth bribes a guy to pretend he can't breathe by giving him strawberries. I thought this was hilarious. At first, I thought she was taking the strawberries to Carol, and I thought, aw, how sweet. But then she gave them to this guy, who immediately faked an attack that left him unable to breathe. As everyone rushed to his aid, Beth got into the drug locker and got the meds that Carol needs. (Go Beth! This was awesome. It made me laugh, especially when she got what she needed and walked right past the short-of-breath-faker and he immediate started going, "oh actually I feel better now.") Beth goes into Carol's room, sets up the IV, and takes her hand, talking to her as she does. 

Strawberries for bribery. Source
Meanwhile, Ty and Sasha have a moment in the city. Ty tells her to listen to him, that she got to say goodbye to Bob and that she should focus on the blessing of that, and let others (like him) help her carry her grief. He finally seems to be getting through to her, and she cries on his shoulder. 

As it turns out, Sergeant Lambston's first name is Bob, which gets Sasha's attention. He tells her that one of the walkers in the parking lot was a friend of his. He was evacuating people, which was supposed to be Lambston's job, but Dawn sent his friend instead. If she'd sent him, he'd be dead. Sasha, with a newly found sense of peace thanks to Ty, takes compassion on Lambston and says she can put his friend to rest (a.k.a. shoot him) if he shows her which walker he is. She leads him, still bound, to the window, and he tells her which one his friend is. Of course, the second she turns her back on him (really Sasha?), he smashes her into the window, knocking her out, and runs. (Grhhh!)

Sasha gets hurt. Source
Back at the fire truck, Glen, Tara, and Rosita, in a much better mood than when they left, head back. They've determined that Rosita will stay with the group, no matter where they all end up, and we still don't know what Tara found in that bag. Maggie goes to talk to Abraham, asking if he wanted her to shoot him. He says he thought he did, but he really didn't. This is the first sign we're seeing from Abraham that he's finally facing his past, and even the predicament of the present, and coming out on the other side, deciding he wants to live. It's a step in the right direction. Then, right at the end, Eugene starts to wake up. (I was really afraid he was dead.)

Source -- Both

So, that was it. This episode was a lot of action, with not much drama or character development for me to over-analyze. (I'm sure everyone's all broken up about that.) I kind of knew it would be this way. It's all about them getting to what's going to happen next (the rescue) but not much actually happened in this episode. That's okay. It just means next episode is going to be BOMB! And, sadly, it's the mid-season finale, which means we will have to live without our beloved characters for two full months. *sniffles*

Theories: So my theory is that, in the next episode, they're going to fake-kill Beth. What I mean is, they'll make the group, and probably all us viewers believe she is dead. It will be tragic and devastating. Daryl will probably cry. Which means everyone in the whole world will cry. And they'll probably leave us with that belief during the hiatus, which means there will be weeping and wailing from the Bethyl shippers and laughing and gloating from the Caryl shippers. But then, when they return in February, it'll be like, just kidding! She really got out of the car. Or, she wasn't actually in the room when it blew up. Or whatever it ends up being. Even if it seems like she's dead, I don't think she actually will be.

Or, if they're going to kill a main character for real, I'm afraid it might be Carol. I really don't want Carol to die. We're starting to see her take the first few steps back toward reclaiming her humanity, and I want to see more of that journey, so I hope she doesn't die. But, if they're gonna kill someone for real, I think it might be her. :(

Of course I could be wrong on both counts. Heaven knows this show can shock the crap out of everyone. Every season. Especially with the mid-season finale. So, I guess we'll find out.

What did everyone else think of this episode? What are your theories for the MSF?

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