Monday, August 19, 2013

Announcements! New Releases!


Happy Monday, Everyone!

Just a few quick announcements today. As most of you know, I'm putting out several books during the latter half of the year. I have two books--one full length novel and one shorter novel--coming out in September. One is a crime drama novel entitled Dark Remnants. The other is book 2 in my dystopian sci-fi series, Interchron.

I'll be doing a double cover reveal the end of this month, so if anyone is interested in helping me spread the word with cover reveal, or would like to be involved in the book tours, email me at I'll be setting up tours and sending out review copies over the next couple of weeks.

In October, my first historical fiction novels, Citadels of Fire, will be released, courtesy of Jolly Fish Press. If you're interested in helping with that tour at all, let me know as well, though it won't be for another 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for everyone's support and have a great Monday! :D

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  1. All set to help you!
    And you know it's Monday when you have to read the punchline twice in order to get it.