Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Fires of Heaven Read-Along, Week 1

Welcome to week 1 of The Fires of Heaven. We finished The Shadow Rising last week and are now onto book 5. The schedule is HERE if anyone wants to follow or read along. Remember that everything we've read in this section as well as anything that came before is fair game for *spoilers* so read at your own risk! The questions for this section come from the Prologue-Chapter 3.

Elaida & Alviarin: Don't they just look like BFFs?
1) Elaida doesn't seem to have as strong a hold on the White Tower as she would like. Do you think her tactics to demand obedience and courtesy will work with all? How would you go about defying Elaida if you were stuck in the White Tower with her? 

I think her tactics will work on some. Many of the Aes Sedai in the room were shocked when she exerted her power, but they obeyed. Alviarin, on the other hand (does that name sound to anyone else like Elvira?) didn't seem phased. Intimidation is one of those things that is never sure. If it works, great, but it's not the same as true loyalty. If it doesn't work, then be afraid, be very afraid. If it were me, I wouldn't have stayed in the tower at all. I think I would have left with the others who fled because I wouldn't have wanted to be under Elaida's thumb.

2) A few of the Forsaken get together at the end of the Prologue for plotting and sniping at each other. Will any of their plans come to fruition? If you were Rand, who would you neutralize first?

I'm sure some of their plans will come to fruition, but probably not in exactly the way they believe. I don't know who I'd go after if I was Rand--Lanfear always seems pretty dangerous. For myself, I totally want Graendal to just stop breathing. She's a disgrace to the name of woman. (Not that I feel strongly about this or anything. :D)

Gareth Bryne
3) Leane, Siuan, & Min nearly get hanged for some burnt hay and stolen coin. Each woman chose a different approach to appealing to the judge; whose did you appreciate the most? What do you think of Siuan's reaction to Lord Gareth Bryn?

Min's was probably the most natural, though Siuan's was the most compelling. I don't have much respect for women who bat their eyelashes at men to get what they want, so while it was kind of amusing coming from a former Aes Sedai and Keeper of the Chronicles, I wasn't a fan of Leanna's approach, and I was glad it didn't work the way she wanted. Gareth Bryne is a bit too grounded for it. Siuan's was cool because she was so intense and direct that it got his attention and made him certain she was telling the truth, even if she wasn't. I also think it's kind of funny that, now that the oath no longer apply to them, they had no problem telling the biggest lie possible.

4) Couladin still has not entered Rhuidean, even though it is now open to all. Rand plans to use the Aiel to quell the other other nations before he tackles the last battle. Do you think Couladin & the Shaido could jeopardize that plan? 

Could? I'm sure they'll try. The fact that Couladin could enter Rhuidean and hasn't even tried shows that even he doesn't really believe he has a claim. He just wants to be right and have power. That doesn't bode well for Rand finding absolute loyalty among the Aiel.

Jasin Natael/Asmodean
5) Rand continues to pluck info from Asmodean about use of the Power and also details about the Forsaken. How much do you think Asmodean is holding back? What little tricks would you play on Rand if you were his 'guest'? 

I'm sure Asmodean is holding back, or trying to hold back, anything he thinks might be advantageous to hold back. If Rand forces him to reveal something, he's too much of a coward to refuse, but I doubt he'd just volunteer anything that would put him at a disadvantage. Just because he's cowardly, I wouldn't assume he's given up on getting away and/or defeating Rand. Pranks is a great question. I loved how Moiraine got ticked off and smacked him with the One Power. He assumed it was Egwene--that was something she'd do--but finding out it was Moiraine was hysterical! My sisters and I always joke that we want the angels to trip people when they're being arrogant, just to bring them down a notch. That'd be a cool use for the One Power. Or you can make toilet paper stick to his boot or something. You know, something classy. :D

Mat and Melindrha
6) At the end of Chapter 3, Melindrha hints at things she would like to do by moonlight with Mat. Hehe. What are some of the craziest moonlit excursions you have ever been a part of? 

I think that's kind of a dangerous question. LOL. In junior high, my friends and I were big on toilet-papering the houses of the boys we liked. Of course, we lived in the suburbs, which were pretty nice neighborhoods. Can't tell you how many picket fences I dove behind when squad cars drove by after curfew. Can honestly say I never got caught, though. :D


Loved the ceremonial words the Aiel clan chiefs used when departing. Jordan always does a great job of showing different personalities, even if we only meet the characters briefly.

"Till shade is gone," he recited, "till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder's eye on the last Shayol Ghul itself." (pg. 88)
 Awesome! I love this!

Plus, found this on the internet. Thought it was funny.


What did everyone else think of this section?


  1. Oh dear, now I am picturing aes sedai using their powers to perform Elvira maneuvers - pasty twirling anyone?

    Toilet paper stuck to the shoe is definitely a classic. Nice.

    I never did get around to TPing someone's house when I was young. I think at 35 I will simply have to let this particular experience slip by.

  2. 2. Wow, that image of Graendal doesn't leave much to the imagination! When I was reading that section it made me think of that scene in A Clockwork Orange, where they are in the bar with all the tables made out of female mannequins . . . :(

    3. I think most women despise the lucky few who can wrap men around their little finger . . . but I was secretly hoping that Leane would look like an idiot trying it.

    4. you make a good point about Couladin - why hasn't he actually entered the pillars yet? Scaredy cat!