Monday, August 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday--Please, Give Me a Sequel!!!

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Top Ten Books I Want Sequels to. (All covers courtesy of unless otherwise posted.)

10. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte--Come on, Ms. Bronte couldn't have given us more sweet romance between these two? Did they have kids? Other adventures? Other mysteries to solve. I would have loved more.

9. The Crucible by Arthur Miller--Granted, most of the main characters die at the end, but I'd be interested to see what Elizabeth tells her boys about their father and who they grow up to be.

8. Dracula by Bram Stoker--In all fairness, there is a sequel to this one, written by Bram Stoker's own descendent no less, and I read it. I thought it captured the tone of Stoker's original work very well, but I'm a Dracula purist and the sequel took some serious liberties that made it a disappointment for me.

7. Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan--It was rumored that before Robert Jordan passed, he was planning some prequels that had to do with Tam al'Thor and the Aiel war. I would have SO loved to read them. Alas, the legendary author passed away, and Brandon Sanderson has already said no to WoT prequels. :(

6. Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry--I know there's technically a Pushing the Limits #2 but it's about different characters and I'd really love another book about Noah and Echo.

5. Grave Mercy by R.L. Fevers--Ditto #6. While I will probably read the His Fair Assassin #2, I'd like another books that focuses on Ismae and Duvall.

4. Fairy Godmother's, Inc. by Jenniffer Wardell--SUCH a cute, fun read! I think there may be a sequel to this one on the way. If there is, I'll be first in line to read it! :D

3. Pitch Green by The Brothers Washburn--I'm not sure if a sequel to this one is coming, but I'd love to read another about these characters. They were great. So real!

2. Big in Japan by Jennifer Stewart Griffith-I love, love, LOVED Buck Cooper. I'd read more books about him any day. He sort of reminded me of one of my brothers, but more than that he was just such a joy to follow around. Made me smile a lot!

1. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad--at the end, Marlow has an iconic conversation with Kurtz's betrothed. Lots of feminist papers have been written about her, but I always wanted a sequel from her point of view, where she learned first hand what happened to her fiance.

What books would you like to have a sequel to?


  1. Great list! Dracula is on my list too! I totally agree I want a Bram Stoker written sequel.

  2. Ahhh! How did I forget JANE EYRE?! I had such a hard time to come up with my list and meanwhile JANE EYRE was there the whole time!!!

  3. Oooh, Pitch Green looks pretty cool! Will have to seek it out - thanks :)

  4. Another story surrounding Ismae and Duvall would be amazing! Dark Triumph really doesn't appeal to me, because Sybella irked me a bit in Grave Mercy...

  5. Great choices. Dark Triumph was really good though so I'd recommend checking it out.

  6. Good list. I've read the classics, but I think if the original author doesn't write it then the sequel doesn't feel right.

  7. I debated putting Dracula on my list too. In hindsight, I should have! Great list.

    New GFC follower

    My TTT.

  8. Wheel of Time! Sadly I still need to get onto it... and I call myself a fantasy/sci-fi nerd. I will get it read before the end of the year. I will. I will. I will.

    Cheers for visiting my Top Ten for this week.

  9. Great list! I agree with these (ah Jane Eyre and Dracula). A sequel to The Crucible would be great! Abigail comes back and Elizabeth has a showdown with her.

  10. That is a good point with the series that switch main characters... Who knows what His Fair Assassin #3 will have though :D