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The Shadow Rising, Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of The Shadow Rising Read-Along. Remember this post may be chalk-full of spoilers from this section (chapterss 43-48) as well as everything that's come before. Read at your own risk! :D
Verin and Alanna
1. Perrin believes Verin and possibly Alanna are trying to use and/or manipulate him in some way. What do you think their agenda is?
Being that they're Aes Sedai, it's obviously hard to say for sure what they're up to. Given what we already seen of both these women, I think it's safe to say they have designs on Rand, and they know that Perrin is not only Rand's friend but ta'veren himself. Probably they want to gain his trust so they can use him to get close to and/or reign in Rand.

Aram with sword
2. Aram, a tinker, takes up a sword. Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing? How do you feel about Aram's reasons?
I totally understand Aram's reasons. After seeing that happen to your family, it's perfectly natural for someone to want to make sure it never happens again. Of course, when Aram took up the sword, there did seem to be something a bit unbalanced about it. The fact that he's still grieving--full of emotions--because this just happened is perhaps a bit worrisome. So...let's just say maybe Perrin should keep an eye on him.
3. Perrin agrees to let the Whitecloaks into Emmond's Field if they will put off arresting him until after the Trolloc threat is neutralized. Do you think this was a wise decision? How do you predict it will all turn out?
Obviously this is turning into a potentially explosive situation. I think Perrin did the only thing he could think to do at the time. It does give him a little extra time to think of a way to get out of being hung, but now that he's in close quarters with Whitecloaks, there's tons of potential for lots of other bad things to happen. You gotta love the angst. :D
4. A woman who favors doing evil from behind the scenes "like a spider" visits Nynaeve and Elayne and compels them, first to tell her everything they've done and are doing in Tanchico, and then to forget they told it to her. Who do you think she is? What is her agenda? Will our girls ever remember what happened?
Yeah I totally know who she is. I think it's safe to say she's one of the Forsaken, yes? Given that she mentions several of the others? The description about being a spider lurking in the shadows is especially important. As we see her more, she'll continually be identified in this way. This is kind of a fateful event, though. This is the first time she and Nynaeve come face to face--at her evil urging--and, let's just say it won't be the last. 
5. Siuan Sanche is deposed and the White Tower is broken. Siuan and Leane vow revenge on Elaida. Will they be able to see that vow through? What kind of Amyrlin do you think Elaida will prove to be?
We know that most women in the history of the Tower who've been stilled have died of symptoms that kind of resemble of a broken heart. The more passionate a cause Siuan and Leanna can take up and focus on, the more likely it is that they'll survive their stilling. And I think that we can all agree that where Elaida's *ahem* leadership is involved, be afraid, be very afraid. This break in the tower's not getting better any time soon.
House Trakand
6. Gawyn Trakand killed at least two prominent warders who were once his friends and mentors because they were trying to free Siuan. Then, even knowing who she really is, helps her, Leane, and Min escape. Where do you think his true loyalties lie? What do you think of the reasons he gives for his actions? 
I know a lot of WoT readers that had a major problem with the fact that Gawyn killed Hammer and Coulin. It's not my favorite thing he ever did, but I still love Gawyn. Always will. I actually feel really bad for him. I think he's a very conflicted guy. He wants to be loyal to the White Tower, but he doesn't understand enough about Aes Sedai politics to understand which side is the right one. Then there's the fact that he's mad at Siuan anyway for not telling him where Elayne and Egwene are. She'd already made an enemy of him. His true loyalties are obviously with his sister and Egwene. Once Min pointed out that they supported Siuan, that's what convinced him to help them leave. Poor Gawyn is one of those characters that's consistently in the dark about everything. He tries hard to figure things out, but he's not inner circle enough to really be in the know. 
7. On the road, the three women run into Logain, who is trying to flee Tar Valon and Siuan asks for his help. What kind of dynamic do you think this relationship will yield? We know many Aes Sedai who opposed Elaida have fled the tower. Where do you think they've gone and will Siuan be able to find and/or rally them?
We know from Min's viewings that Logain is destined for glory, though he seems far from it at this point. He's actually in the same boat as Siuan and Leane, having been cut off from the True Source and just trying to stay alive. I guess maybe we could conclude that all of them traveling together might lead him to his future glory? It is interesting to have Siuan, who gave the order to have him gentled, and is now stilled herself, traveling with Logain. Might be interesting.

I won't say much about the other Aes Sedai but I thought it was a relief that the Aes Sedai we've come to respect like Sheriam--and all the blues--didn't stand for Elaida's coup. I like that Siuan is determined to find them and do what she can--even if it's manipulative in an AesSedai-y sort of way--to keep the Tower together. It shows spunk. She's the kind of person who will fight for what she believes in. And, even if she screwed up, she'll make the best of it and move forward. She's a woman of action. Now let's look at Elaida...
Trollocs in Emmond's Field
I really loved the image of Elayne spitting out her veil all day. And Egeanin is turning into an interesting character. I like her a lot because she doesn't just take what she's always been taught back in Seanchan at face value. She observes and figures things out for herself, reserving judgement until she can gather more information. Totally liking her.

Rand and Aviendha are starting to get along. A little. It'll be interesting to see what happens at Cold Rocks Hold.

I also enjoyed seeing the smallish battle in the Two Rivers. Verin and Alanna's warders believed it was a test, which seems to suggest we might see a far larger battle. Anyone else excited?

How did everyone else like this section?


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  2. 2. You are absolutely right: I can imagine Aram might be a little enthusiastic about killing at the moment and not too careful about his own life.

    4. I can only hope that Nynaeve kicks her Forsaken bottom when they next meet! :D

    6. I think that Gawyn did the wrong thing but for the right reasons, given the information that he had at the time it is not surprising that he fought against those appearing to rebel against the lawful Amyrlin.


    There's my answers.

    I can totally see the Aes Sedai hoping to gain some control over Rand via his friends, like Perrin. I expect they will be mightly disappointed. hehe.

    I think Siuan can take up another cause. She is strong and kind of like a terrier with a rat when she has decided to pursue something.

    I too like that Eaganin is questioning things and it will be interesting to see if any of the Seanchan decide to leave the strict hierarchy of that culture.