Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters

Aren't the covers beautiful? (Source)
Despite the fact that I'm not big on angel/demon stories, the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books may have just been my favorite read in 2013. I read the first two books but like everyone else had to wait for book 3, Dreams of Gods and Monsters, to come out. Once it did, I couldn't get to it right away. So when I finally did, I was thrilled!

Story: The story picks up right about the place it left off at the end of book 2. As we move along, we get more of the same from the first two books, but in a good way. I thought the plot was great and fitting for the final book in a trilogy. We wanted to see an epic battle and have a major confrontation, and GaM didn't disappoint. 

I will say there was an extra little problem near the end that I thought was unnecessary. It was just a way to up the drama at the end, and it wasn't terrible or anything, but I thought the book could have done without. (I can't give details or it will spoil. Just know overall I was really pleased with the plot.)

Characters: I liked where the characters went in this book, even if there wasn't much that was unpredictable about them. In a lot of ways, the third book isn't the place to be unpredictable with the characters. With the plot, yes, but the characters should be pretty well established by now.

They did add a new character to tell this final installment of the story named Eliza. At first I wasn't thrilled to see a new character, but I ended up really liking her. Her story was so well-told, and her nemesis was especially fun, that I was glad she was included. She actually enhanced the story a lot.

Writing: As with the previous installments of the trilogy, Taylor's writing was beautiful and flawless. I think part of the reason this trilogy is so popular (the other part being the awesome characters and story) is the poetry in her writing. She has a way of making everything seem epic and drama filled in a way that makes you want to keep turning pages.

Ending: Again, I won't spoil, but overall I found the ending to be very satisfactory. I always include how I liked the ending, but without actually happened, because I want people to know that it was a good ending, not one that's likely to disappoint or cause major drama among the readership. It fit well with the story and did pretty much everything we, as readers, wanted it to do.

Overall: If you liked the first two books, like angel/demon books, or just a great story all around, I would highly recommend this trilogy. Like I said, I don't even like angel/demon books, but I loved it!

Has anyone else read this trilogy? What did you think of it?

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