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Words of Radiance Read-Along, Week 9

Welcome to week 9 of our Words of Radiance Read-Along. This week we read chapters 75-81. Remember that everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers, so read at your own risk! 

1. What did you think of Dalinar's tactics, proving Kaladin correct by catching Amaram in a lie? What will happen, do you think, when they attempt to "try" him?

That was just freakin' awesome! I loved that Dalinar found a way to prove to all present what had happened. Smart man. That way he wasn't just making unfounded accusations against one of his closest friends. It is good to know that he didn't just ignore Kaladin or brush him off. He was thinking and trying to solve the problem. Could have kept Kaladin more in the loop, of course, but...

2. Navani offers her services to Shallan with her mission to find the Oathgate. What do you think Navani's intentions are? Will she help or hinder Shallan's mission?

I'll admit I thought this was a little strange. It just seemed very abrupt to me, and I wondered if Navani had ulterior motives. Not that I suspected her motives to be evil or anything, but just that she might not be telling Shallan everything as to why she wants to help so much. But, so far, she seems to be a great boon to Shallan's efforts. Let's hope it stays that way and that she doesn't hinder Shallan's mission at all.

3. Moash's group is still planning to assassinate Elhokar. Do you think Kaladin will allow him to go through with it? 

We talked about this somewhat last week, and I think Kaladin will have an attack of conscience and jump in to stop it. Especially that chapter where he came to realize that Elhokar is Dalinar's Tien. That was a profound realization. Between that, and the fact that the King came to him like a bridgeman groupie, but genuinely wanting to learn and be a better king...I just don't think you could stay mad at him at this point. (I'm not, anyway.) And Kal is such a decent guy at heart. I think he'll stop the assassination, though that will open a whole new can of worms for himself and those involved.

4.The king approached Kal and asked Kal to teach him to be a hero? Do you see Kaladin attempting this? Does this change your opinion of the king? How?

I hope this happens, eventually. The king admitted his faults--such as being jealous of Kaladin--and that's the first step toward genuine change. Other than perhaps Dalinar, no one would be a better teacher for Elhokar than Kaladin. In my mind, this took him from weak, pathetic ruler to good-hearted bumbling idiot who is trying his best but just keeps falling short. I want Kaladin to teach him. I want him to improve and become the king his father would have wanted. I'm pulling for ya, Elhokar!

5. Dalinar tells Shallan to find the Oathgate, and that he might need to use the pathway as a retreat for the army. (No pressure or anything, though.) Do you think Shallan will find it? Do you think Dalinar will need to make use of it. Where do you think it will lead?

Yeah, given how badly the battle is going, and how harsh the Parshendi high storm is getting, I definitely think Dalinar will have to make use of the Oathgate to keep his armies safe. That means Shallan has to find it and fast. *bites fingernails* I don't know where it will lead (stating the obvious) but I kind of hope that somehow it will lead back to Kaladin, or perhaps he will come through it. I want him and Shallan to work together to save the Alethi armies!

6. The battle action is very high where we left off. What do you think will happen when the Parshendi song ends? Will the high storm show up in full force and destroy the Alethi army? Will Dalinar's troops manage to interrupt the song? Other predictions?

Chances are, it'll only get worse from here on in. I'm assuming that when the song ends, the Parshendi will unleash rampant destruction on the Alethi. I have no idea what form it will take, but it's bound to be epic! I think the storm will escalate as well. Shallan may have to save them from that, or maybe Kaladin, but it sounds to me like it's just getting started. The troops have already tried to interrupt the song, and it hasn't gone well. This doesn't look good. Guess we'll just have to dive into the next chapter to find out. :D


What was up with Dalinar hearing the voice of the Almighty? And it said "I'm sorry you have to die this way." Wait, what?

We talked last week about whether or not Moash might turn against Kaladin or let his pride get the better of him now that he has Shardplate. Did anyone else catch the fact that his eyes have not only lightened, but that they're the exact same color as Amaram's, now. If that's not foreshadowing, I've never heard any. Just sayin'. :D

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  1. Yep, I expect Kal will somehow save the king from the assassins. And i expect Sanderson will be very clever about it. After all, Kal made promises to both Moash and Dalinar, and to be honorable, he has to keep both.

    It would be a terribly sweet fight scene if Kaladin and Shallan fought together to save Dalinar & family or the Alethi army or battled Szeth. Or perhaps Szeth will join the two of them and help save the army? *looks hopeful*

    I am starting to think that the Almighty Stormfather is a pessimist. 'Syl is dead' & 'Sorry you have to die this way' are not useful phrases - they don't provide helpful info nor do they encourage our heroes. I think Stormfather has lost all hope and he is dragging others down with him. But what kind of antidepressant to you prescribe to a deity?

    1. Good point. Hm. I guess someone in Kal's world needs to invent some kind of omniscient zoloft. *shivers* Yeah, that's just creepy. :D Thanks Susan!

    2. These last few chapters are going to be intense. I felt so sorry for Elhokar and his admission. I don't think Kaladin will go through with an assassination attempt - or at least I think he will stop Moash.
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  2. Better late than never!