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Words of Radiance Read-Along, Week 6

Welcome to week 6 of our Words of Radiance Read-Along. This week we read chapters 49-57. Remember, everything in this section as well as everything that's come before is fair game for spoilers so read at your own risk!

1. Shallan and Adolin meet up for a nice glass of wine and a pleasant chat!!  What did you make of Shallan’s winning conversational tactics and what do you think will eventually come of this ‘relationship’.  Narvani doesn’t seem to be warming to Shallan - do you think this will cause problems between Shallan and Adolin?  Also, Shallan seemed to be almost drawn to the storm and mentioned being able to see something in it?  Any guesses as to why and what?

I thought her tactics were hilarious. Obviously they were refreshing to Andolin. These two are hitting it off better than I would have thought. Of course, the sincerity on her side is somewhat forced, but Andolin doesn't seem to notice. In a way, this is giving me some foreboding. Either she's going to hurt Andolin, and I've really started to like the guy, or it's gonna cause major drama down the line which is going to get everyone into trouble.

I'm not sure what's up with Navani. Everyone wants to say it's because she's mourning Jasnah, but I wonder if there's more to it than that. I doubt Andolin would abandon Shallan solely because of his aunt, but it could definitely cause some tension.

I"m wondering if she was close to seeing what Kaladin saw in the storm--a face. If Kaladin is storm-blessed, than perhaps she will have some variation on that. Perhaps the storms call to them because the storms produce Stormlight, and they can make use of Stormlight. I don't know, but I hope we get to see more of her reaction during high storms in the future.

2. So much intrigue.  Shallan found out about her brother (or at least the evidence points that way) - and what an awful way to find out such a thing!  She found out a bit more about the Ghostbloods and she also uncovered some of Amaram’s secrets - what do you make of it all and what are the bigger connections here?

It's terribly interesting that Amaram is scheming something about the Voidbringers. Everyone claims that such things are legend and foolish to believe in, but a surprising number of intelligent, important people are secretly doing research. The question is what Amaram's intentions are. Given what we know of his past, I doubt they're entirely benign.

Poor Shallan about her brother. We still don't entirely understand what happened there, but I tend to think maybe Amaram had him killed? We know he betrayed Kaladin, so it wouldn't surprise me if he made sure Helarum had some kind of "accident" in order to get at his Shardblade.

3.  What did you make of Dalinar giving Amaram an elite role in his latest scheme to bring back the Radiants.  Do you think it’s a test of some sort of has he simply ignored Kaladin’s story?  Kaladin does seem to be becoming a little bit obsessed by Amaram and Syl seems to be struggling with him at the moment.  Do you see a difference in their relationship has Kaladin develops his abilities?

I don't know why he did that. I doubt it's just because he ignored what Kaladin told him. He probably had a plan; a good reason for putting Amaram in that position. The problem is, he should have let Kaladin in on whatever it was. 

Syl is kind of acting like Kaladin's conscience. She tries to keep him focused when his hatred for Amaram distracts him. I think it's a good thing he has her. She might just keep him alive and focused long enough to actually get revenge.

4. Shallan and Kaladin seem to be rapidly developing their own abilities with Kaladin finally finding his feet in rather spectacular fashion.  Shallan seems to have the most extraordinary abilities - she’s almost perfectly set up to become a spy!  What did you make of her latest encounter and ‘near thing’ with the Ghostbloods.  Do you think she’ll meet them again??  Can you guess at what other talents she might pull out of the hat?

I definitely think she'll meet them again. And I can't wait to see what other talents she's hiding. I was a little confused by the whole burn-the-coach thing. She assumed it was the Ghostbloods that did it--and perhaps rightly so--but are we supposed to believe they actually did? They seemed interested in finding out more about her, so why kill her. This whole part was a bit murky for me in terms of motivations. 

5. Wit - it appears he did meet Shallan after all - and, is it just me or is anybody developing a little bit of a Wit crush?  Why do you think he’s reappeared.  He’s always giving out cryptic messages and disappearing again mysteriously but I’m in a quandary as to know what his meaning really is most of the time!   What is his role in all of this.  Does he really have a side as such?

I think Wit is just keeping an eye on things. Being there to witness certain circumstances and then ducking out again. I'm sure we'll see him again before the end of the book. Obviously big things are being set in motion and Wit is at the center of it all. Totally crushing on him. Love his witty banter and the fact that Shallan's hug made him profoundly uncomfortable. It was hilarious, but also endearing. As for sides, I think that remains to be seen.

6. Finally, can we just discuss that duel.  I think that was one of the most exciting things I’ve read so far.  I literally gasped out loud at one point.  What did you make of it all - the scheming, the conspiring, the fight itself, Kaladin’s heroics - and, finally and importantly, the conclusion!

It was so great! The instant Dalinar started trying to help, I knew Kaladin would go in. I was kind of hoping he'd reveal himself as a Radiant, which didn't really happen, but it was still awesome. And I love Renarin even more for stepping in to help his brother, even if he was less than spectacular. I loved how they managed to choke out the enemy Shardbearers one by one. 

And what was up with that scream? Kaladin thought it was Syl, but she was up above grinning when the duel was over. Did she purposely do that to help Kaladin, or was it something else entirely? I have no clue, but it was chilling, wasn't it? (And by that, I mean chillingly awesome!) 

I really wish Kaladin had waited just a little longer with Amaram. Don't get me wrong: seeing horror in Amaram's eyes was very satisfying, but Andolin and Dalinar have worked so hard for this moment, and I'm afraid Kaladin have might just screwed it up.

Also, I can't wait to get Shallan's thoughts on the spectacle. With Kaladin exhausting all that stormlight and lashing all over the place, could she see that? I get that probably no one else could, but maybe she could. I want to know what she thought, and just how much she's freaking out right now. Grhhh!


I'm surprised to find that, little by little, Kaladin and Andolin are sort of becoming friends. They respect one another more and more and, I can see that pretty soon, they might actually be chummy. I still think that eventually it's gonna be Shallan and Kaladin (and I'm not opposed to that) but if both those things end up being the case, Mr. Sanderson is setting us up for some serious heartache. *Sigh*

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  1. I still can't believe that Dalinar appointed Amaram. I hope he's finally seeing Amaram for what he really is - he certainly revealed himself a little bit more during the duel.
    Yeah, you're right about Adolin and Kaladin - I hope they do become friends!
    Lynn :D

    1. I agree on both counts. Thanks Lynn!

  2. Good point about the possibility of Shallan hurting Adolin. She was preparing to leave Kabsal in Book 1, and that did crush his feelings a bit.

    I think Shallan's brother was the Shardbearer that Kaladin killed, and then Amaram took Kaladin's Shardblade, the blade Shallan recognized as her brother's.

    Hmmm... now you have me rethinking that burnt coach episode. If it wasn't the Ghostbloods, who was it? Did someone follow Shallan/Vale from the town and is trying to pick off Ghostbloods one by one?

    If Shallan didn't notice Kaladin's Stormlight activities in the ring, perhaps Pattern did.