Monday, December 2, 2013

Success Factors: NaNo Edition

As most of you know, I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. I'm happy to say that I achieved victory.

Victory. Awesome victory. Um, you know, sort of. And only by a hair.

I'll explain, I promise, but my point today is that success isn't just about achieving your ultimate goals, although that's the most satisfying part. It's also about overcoming obstacles.

Like this.
So, the last post I wrote about my progress was on November 27th, in which I reported that I had had 3,500 words to go to hit the required 50,000. I didn't think hitting it would be a problem at that point. Then, the following day, computer crash.

That's right. Computer crash.

Actually, it wasn't as bad as it sounds. My computer is very old and ghetto. It wasn't a hard drive crash at all. Rather, it was a hardware problem. The place where the power cord goes into the computer was toast. The cord wouldn't stay in so to power the computer, I had to hold the cord in myself. Plus, the battery was long since toast as well. I could have just purchased a new battery but as the cord connection was also faulty, I decided it would be a much better investment to just get a new computer.

Which I did. I just got a cheap one from Walmart to tide me over. And it was on it's way. But not scheduled to arrive until 12/9. 

Then, on the 28th, when I went to plug the faulty computer in, I couldn't get it to start up. No matter how I wiggled, re-positioned, or cajoled the cord, I couldn't get the cord to supply ANY power to the computer. So, my files were all there, in tact. I just couldn't get to them. 

I determined to commandeer my sister's desk top computer for a few hours to finish my word count, but I knew it'd be a hectic three days.

To my great surprise and delight, my new computer arrived the next day! on 11/29. 

So, I was able to finish my word count, ending with 51, 289 words for the month. So, what's my whole "sort of" about? Well, the original Scrivener file that contains the first 47,000 words is still on my other computer. I'm going to take it to PC laptops and have them pull out my hard drive and put it on a caddy so I can access the files, but haven't done it yet. Because of that, I don't actually have the first 47,000 words, which means I wasn't able to put them into to verify.

But, that's okay. Even if the site doesn't see it as absolute success, I know I finished, and that's good enough for me. Heaven knows there were enough obstacles, but I did it. It just goes to show, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. :D

Fitting, don't you think?
How did everyone else's NaNoWriMo experience pan out?


  1. Sorry you weren't an official winner, but you know you did it. Retrieving those files shouldn't be a problem. At least they aren't lost!

  2. You went through a lot and it sounds like your efforts paid off! Very inspiring.

  3. I am happy the novel wasn't lot and you will be able to retrieve it. It would have been terrible if you had completely lost it. Congrats on reaching the 50k on time ^_^. Just remember to back up your work regularly.