Monday, June 24, 2013

Hell and Dystopia--Interchangeable Concepts?

This week I came across an article (which I didn't save and now can't find using Google, so I'm sorry I don't have the URL to link) in which the author talked about how hell, as described in the Christian bible, is just an example of pre-historic dystopian literature.

Now, being a Christian myself, I'm not sure I agree with this assessment of hell, but I do think the concept is an interesting one. Human beings have always had some idea that if they don't, both as individuals and as a society, make mostly ethical decisions, it will eventually result in a hell of their own making.

While I don't completely disagree with this theory, I think the author has it a bit backward. She believes the biblical hell is nothing more than a manifestation of a basic human fear. I believe that that fear has persisted down through the centuries because it's a truth that our ancient ancestors once recognized. Yet, it's not only something to worry about in the next life, but also something we can bring about in our own society today if we aren't careful.

It's definitely an idea that warrants more thought (and/or debate?)

What do YOU think of this theory?


  1. Would hate to find out the truth about hell the hard way.
    I think it's very real and far worse than any dystopia we could imagine.

  2. Interesting perspective. I can see why one would draw a parallel between the biblical picture of hell, and today's view of dystopia. We may never know which came first--the image of hell passed on from ancestral experience? Or response to an innate fear of our own ultimate self-destruction? Much to ponder!