Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Shadow Rising Read-Along, Week 2

Dragon's Fang
1. The "supergirls" are at an impasse, and they have conflicting testimonials on Liandrin's plans. Who do you believe? Where would you have them go?

Not sure. Tough decision. One thing I know for sure, though: I don't think I'd want to go back to the Tower. Not that I wouldn't love to train at the Tower, but once they're back, the chances of them leaving again will be almost non-existent. I'd chase the leads as far as possible before reporting back to the Amyrlin.

2. Moiraine claims she knows her future husband better than the other girls know theirs (and no, it's not Lan). What could she possibly be on about?

Uh...I'm gonna plead the 5th on this one 'cause I totally know what she 's on about. I will say that I think this is something Robert Jordan didn't figure out until this book. At some point one of the kids--either Perrin or Egwene--will have a dream about this very subject. I think they have the dream in this book, and we have Moiraine making the statement here. It's just all introduced at the same time which tells me Jordan had a sudden, brilliant idea. Not that it's a bad thing. I think he does a good job incorporating it. Just sayin'. :D

Ancient Symbol of the Aes Sedai
3. Saidin and Saidar are revealed to be very different things. This is the first time we have some real info about male channeling. What do you think of this magic system?

I actually like it. Jordan is a master at the battle of the sexes. I think he writes both men and women equally well, which is not easy. It seems to me that the two halves of the True Source mirror the general temperaments of men and women. Maybe it's an obvious step but, if you think about it, it's also kind of genius.

Elayne Trakand
4. Elayne seems to approach this seduction business from a different angle than Berelain does. Successfully so, it seems. Rand and Perrin have both apparently found love. What about Mat? Are there anyone for him?

Mat's not really the committing type, at least not at this stage of is life. I loved when he was chatting with Egwene and thought he was hiding his leers really well. Meanwhile, she contemplated slapping him silly at least three times. I don't see true love for him any time soon. :D

5. In the depths of the Stone there is a doorway ter'angreal, through which one can get true answers to three questions. Will someone end up using it, and if so, who? What might they ask? What would YOU ask, if given the chance?

Red Stone Ter'angreal
I don't think Jordan would have mentioned it if none of our characters weren't going to use it. Any of them could, and they'd all have valid questions. Rand could ask about the Last Battle, Perrin about his ta'veren-ness and Faile, Egwene and Nynaeve about the Black Ajah (and Nynaeve about a possible future with Lan?) and Moiraine would probably ask how to guide Rand effectively. As to who actually uses it, time (and chapters) will tell. As for me, I think I'd ask who I'm going to marry and whether I'll every become a world-famous novelist. :D

6. Trollocs fighting people, trollocs fighting trollocs, and Lanfear in the middle of it, denying any involvement. What do you think happened here, exactly? Do you believe Lanfear?

I actually kind of do about this. She seems to be trying to be honest with Rand, after a fashion. Of course she's all kinds of deceptive all the time, but it seems to me if she'd been responsible, she would have just told him in the hopes of gaining his trust. Besides, she didn't seem to want him to participate. She did guide him back to Callandor, so maybe it was her and she was just angry that he left it behind in the beginning. Don't know. Hard to say. :D

7. Rand promises to announce his intentions the next day. You're in his place, the future of the universe rests on your shoulders, and you have who knows how many sides expecting you to act in their interest. What do you do?

I think I'd weight my options (as he's done) and go where I thought I could do the most good, or perhaps where I could learn the most that would help me fight the Last Battle. I think that's exactly what he does, but I don't think Moiraine is very pleased with his choice.:D


I think Jordan handles the end of the Rand/Egwene relationship very tastefully. He does an excellent job showing that all the kids are growing up and growing apart, but are still dealing with their youthful issues and emotions. 

I thought it was cute (sorry guys!) that Mat asked Egwene for advice, even if it wasn't all mushy or anything. 

And I was especially happy to see Moiraine lose her temper with Rand near the beginning of the section. So, it seems she is human after all. It was also fun to see her and Lan in action against the trollocs and fades again. That's always nice. :D

What did everyone else think of this section?

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  1. "I think he writes both men and women equally well"

    Many would disagree with you on this one. I have warmed up to some of his women (sorry, I don't think I'll ever like Elayne).

    Rumor has it that he modeled all his female characters on different aspects of his wife. Allegedly, [female forsaken] is Harriet when Robert Jordan forgot to take out the trash. :D

    1. I agree that his female characters are well written and seem real to me. I particularly love the way that they all have their own agency and that he created a world where they can be just as powerful as men physically, politically and socially. I find it interesting that you find Elayne difficult to like, because I find her the most cookie-cutter of the women even though she is so controlled because of all her years of training.

  2. As always, I love the fan art you include. Selene/Lanfear looks so lush and deadly at the same time.

    Haha! I think Rand will be a constant source of vexing for Moiraine for the entire series. But I was also a little worried for him when Lan interposed himself between the two at the end of the trolloc fight. Lan has made his choice and will defend Moiraine even at the cost of killing the one man who may, or may not, save the world. Lan, you are so uncomplicated you are intriguing.

    1. I think that picture of Lanfear makes her look rather ugly: not in a physical way, but in her expression! :D

  3. 2. Well, I am amazed! I never imagined that she could be referring to a real man, just that none of them would marry: I will now look at her in a totally different light! :)

    3. The magic system here is well-crafted and simple in its basics, and yet so complex in how it is executed. The use of unusual magics is one thing that struck me very strongly when reading Brandon Sanderson's titles: I can fully understand why he was chosen to complete this series.

    6. I don't think Lanfear knows how to be truly honest and it doesn't help that she sees Rand as a possession rather than a real person. She probably never even thinks that she could win him over he she treated him less like a lap dog!